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Jul 5, 2011

An Essay on my Last Day at School

(461 Words): It is customary in our school that the 9th class students bid farewell to the 10th class. They make the parting day as much memorable as they can. They arrange a parting feast and bear all its expense; they do their best to make the function a success.

The Last Day of my school
This year 20th February was my last day at school. The school bell range as usual. The 10th class boys were sad in outlook. After the first period the teachers and the students of high classes met in the school hall. The Principal and teachers sat in chairs. We, the students took out seats on dual desk.

The function was started by the students of 9th class. They started reading poems. They sang songs and made speeches suited to the occasion. Every item of the programme was directed towards the outgoing class. Then our class in-charge got up. He made a speech which moved our heart. He told us that we were soon entering life. Out care-free life would end soon after we got high school certificates. After passing High School Examination we would have to face the hard realities of life. He advised us to face the hard realities of life. He asked us to be honest, truthful and upright in our dealings. He advised us to set an aim of our life and try to achieve it with fair means.

Principal's Speech

Finally the principal rose from his seat. There were clapping on all sides. He made a brief but beautiful speech. He talked of our association with school for number of years. He said that the good of the school that we were leaving for good should be at the heart of every student. It was the school and its worthy teachers that had prepared them for the struggle of life. He explained in details the advantages of simple living and high thinking. He wished us all a successful life and a bright future.

Our Monitor’s Speech
Then out monitor thanked the principal, the member of staff and the 9th class students for their good wishes. He promised on behalf of his class fellows that they would keep in mind the lessons taught by their teachers. He further said that they would do their best to remove ignorance from India. He assured the principal and the teachers that they would never forget their school, our temple of learning.

After these the grand tea-party took place. Fruits and sweets were served in great quantity. We ate them to our fill. There was a lot of fun. At 4 P.M we were photographed. This was the last item of the function. We left the school with mixed feelings of joy and sorrow.
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