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Apr 13, 2021

Essay on Finding Purpose in Life For Class 10

Different Perspective is Important:

If you feel trapped and can't escape the situation or situation has become an unnecessary burden. It's time to make some changes and look at your life from a different perspective or point of view.

Growth Empowers Us for a Meaningful Life:

We sometimes become trapped in situations that used to be easier to get out of. It's the nature of life that when we were younger we thought it would be easier to become financially independent than grow emotionally and spiritually. But as we get older, we realize that it's the other way around, that growth empowers us. We grow spiritually, financially, emotionally because we are spiritually and financially grounded. That spiritual and financially grounded feels more like home than the spiritual emptiness that exists when we're using but aren't grounded in God. We become spiritually anchored so that we can live a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Be in right Direction for Purpose of Life:

Essay on Finding Purpose in Life For Class 10

You might say that living on purpose is being in the right place at the right time. Or we might say that our purpose is to honor God. Achieving our purpose is a state of being that gives meaning and purpose to our life. It's not simply an emotional reaction to circumstances, but rather a state of being that we have chosen and created for ourselves.

Financial Destiny:

The same holds true for us financially. I imagine that most of you will agree with this statement "I am responsible for my financial destiny. I decide what I want to do with my life. I choose to live in a conscious manner that honors my desires. I am fully in charge of my money." Perhaps there are times when we may feel like we don't have control over our finances, but when we make that choice to be financially responsible and act in integrity with our money, we become spiritually responsible and financially empowered.

Grounded Statements:

You can see from what I've written that there's a lot of truth in the "spiritual and financially grounded" statement. If we make that choice, we begin to empower our soul. Our life purpose becomes clearer and clearer to us. We discover our purpose and balance our conflicting values and priorities. Our life purpose begins to become a conscious part of who we are.

If we are not spiritually and financially grounded, we might also think "I am not spiritually and financially grounded. There are just too many issues to deal with. I can't seem to find my way to the right path. Life just seems to spin me into the wrong directions."

The truth of the matter is that the purpose of life is to become spiritually and financially grounded. That is really where the answer lies. That is where we become spiritually and financially grounded. It is the only true way to fulfill our purpose in life.

It's not a quick process. The good news is that it can be turned around. It won't happen overnight, but it can be turned around in a matter of weeks. There's a method to the madness. It's a matter of choosing to seek out and discover our life purpose.

Running Behind Money is the True Path of Life:

Our purpose is not the same as our paycheck. It is not about accumulating or spending more money. The money is there. The important part is that we focus on our dreams and goals, not our paycheck. We can live a very fulfilling life with no money whatsoever. It is possible. There is a method to the madness. We just need to learn how to get to our dreams.

About Successful Situation

later I found myself in a similar predicament with a colleague who I'd long admired for his success. We'd worked together for many years at a large international organization, and my first reaction was, "Well, isn't he the one who's supposed to be successful?"

My second reaction was, "But isn't he supposed to be wealthy? Isn't he supposed to be...?"

Successful People:

My third reaction was, "Are you kidding me? Of course he's successful. Why would he change? Didn't you see him after he won the lottery? How happy he was? Didn't you see him when he met his wife? How happy they were? Haven't you heard the ad? Successful people are successful because they are successful, not because they have to be."

So I started asking all these questions about his personality. And about me. And about what we'd done together. And more importantly, about what he would do in a situation. And the answers I got made me feel ashamed for getting it wrong.

Glass is half full is always Work:

When we're stuck in a situation, all we can do is try to find a way out of it. Trying to see the glass half empty is always a fool's errand. The only thing that works when we're stuck is to try to see the glass half full. And let's face it. Even the most successful people have moments when they're not successful or not happy.

Be honest about the Truth and Reality:

What we need to do is face reality. We need to be honest about the situation and be ready to accept the truth. We need to make sure we're no longer fooled by our own wishful thinking. When we are, we are truly stuck and have become so in situations where we feel like we're getting nowhere.

Make the situation Bearable:

But you and I know that nothing can stand still for long. And we both know that the only place we can get anywhere is up. So rather than looking for a way out of the situation or situation taking us down, why not look for ways to make the situation more bearable? Why not try to see things from a different perspective or point of view?

Reality of the Situation makes us Courageous:

"One does not simply walk up to the wall, view the view, and think, "Oops, I did not recognize the potential value of what I saw." Instead, we view the wall in an open frame, and draw strength from its beauty and distance from its danger. This opens up possibilities for future use and expansion, and by extension, the value of the view also increases. The same goes for the wall. In fact, it is the relationship with the situation that allows us to put distance and take stands that would be impossible without the reality of the situation. The reality of the situation enables us to become courageous in the face of the wall."

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Apr 11, 2021

Essay: The New Clean India Campaign Aimed at Water Pollution

What can be done to turn India into dirty free country?

Clean India Initiative:

Clean India Initiative would be a huge step forward. A team of well qualified professionals including life coaches and trainers would be sent to villages and districts. It is to sensitize the people with regards to water conservation and the health hazards. As because these are associated with filth and diseases caused by water pollution. They would also address the education issue. The new initiative will be called "H2O Plus" and the team would be headed by one Mr. J.P. Verma, an environmental scientist and well known personality in India.

Sanitation issue is also a key focus:

This Water Plus initiative will be part of the government's larger Swachh Bharat Mission aimed at cleaning the drains, gutters and storm water drains of the city. The Swachh Bharat Mission would also add on to this with the addition of cleaning the drains and making them cleaner. This in itself would be an ambitious step. The Swachh Bharat Mission would continue with this initiative by training people to maintain the drains. It would also motivate the women in the villages and districts to make them aware of the sanitation issue.

The New Clean India Campaign Aimed at Water Pollution

With the addition of this initiative the cleanliness drive would be stepped up by adding a life coaching component.

Human Waste will be a part of this mission:

The Swachh Bharat Mission would begin with cleaning drains and gutters. The aim would be to ensure that the water gets through the city without being polluted. The team would also be trained to handle cases of human waste, sewage, garbage and oil spill on the streets. This would be part of the Swachh Bharat campaign. The aim of the Swachh Bharat Mission would be to teach the people of the importance of hygienic hygiene. They would be taught not to litter and sell clothes and other waste materials. They would also be taught to dispose of waste materials correctly. The campaign would include the education of the people about the importance of hygienic sanitation.

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Apr 9, 2021

Essay : How to Make Your Goals Come to Successful

First common pitfalls of goal setting is to set high goals. But this should not be the main factor you consider while setting your goals.

Break down the Big picture into Smaller Goals:

The number one reason for setting unrealistically high goals is that we tend to think of the big picture. To be able to achieve a goal, we tend to think we first have to achieve the smaller goals that comprise the big picture. So, one of the most common pitfalls of goal setting is to set high goals. But this should not be the main factor you consider while setting your goals. Instead think about how you can achieve your micro goals and not how you can aim your bullet. So, for instance, if your goal is to make $100,000 in a year, do not think that if you achieve this that you will be making $100,000 in a year. Think instead about how you can make $100,000 in a year. Maybe you can increase sales by 15% to 20%. Or maybe you can do so by investing in new marketing programs and making sure your current marketing programs are kept up to date and are used effectively.

Goals should never be as easy as they sound.

Essay : How to Make Your Goals Come to Successful

Here's an example of a common goal. Most people who set goals for themselves will first set an example goal for their children. This is called exemplars because it will be an example to follow. Imagine how your children would feel and how they would benefit from achieving that goal. They would be encouraged to achieve those goals and to strive for the ones that you have set for yourself.

Think about the Process:

Another common goal is to lose some weight. Well, that is a difficult goal to achieve. You need to create an example goal that you can follow. This is called an exemplar goal. To follow this example goal, make sure you follow the example by making sure you eat healthy food every day and not junk food. The same goes for exercise. If you follow your example goal you won't be discouraged by making work out instead of working out.

How about a goal of becoming debt free? Well, that is another difficult goal to achieve. This is also an example of financial goal that you can follow. Follow it for as long as you wish and in the end you will achieve what you have set out to achieve.

Writing in diary always Provide Sparks to start an activity:

To create goals properly you need to write it down and that is the most important step. You need to write your goals down and by writing them down, you will remind yourself of your goals every time you read them.

Follow the Set Guidlines:

Follow through your goals once you have created them. You need to follow your example goal and your exemplars goal and the same goes for the goals that you have set for your children. The same goes for the goals that you have set for yourself. You need to follow the same rules when following through your goals. Follow through each of your goals until you achieve them all. You need to keep your goals in mind every single moment you are awake. Don't forget to review your goals every night before you sleep. Remember to follow through your goals every single day until they are achieved. There are many things that you can do to make sure that your goals will come to fruition.

Written down tasks and its Review keeps you on track:

Make sure that your goals are written down and posted where you can see them daily. The same goes for your family's goals. Make sure that they are written down and also posted where you can see them every day. This is so important when trying to achieve your goals because it keeps you on track and on course. Every day you need to review your goals to make sure that you are on course and on the right track.

Keep in mind your goals

Make sure that you keep yourself aware of your goals every single moment you are awake. Don't procrastinate writing your goals down. You need to follow through your goals every single minute you are awake. Every minute is crucial because if you are not actively working towards your goals, they will not come into reality. There are many ways you can make sure your goals will come to fruition. The same applies for your children. Make sure that they follow the same rules that you use to set your goals.

Be positive with your goals. Be positive in your thoughts and be positive with your words. Remember to use positive words to describe things that you want to happen. There are many things that you can do to make sure your goals will come to fruition.

Make a list of your accomplishments

Make a list of everything that you will accomplish during the year. Include both your personal and business goals. Make sure that you create a list of everything that you will accomplish. There are many things that you can do to make sure that your taks are being executed in time.

Read this to know the value of time.

Be specific in your goals

Be specific in the goals that you set for yourself. Make sure that you have set goals that are as specific as possible. What are your priorities? Who is involved in your goals? Make sure that you answer these questions for every tasks that you set.

Take a few moments each day to be more focused on your goals - be specific in what you do and what you think. If you aren't specific in your thinking, it will be as well spent as a coin in the turn of a coin. The worst thing you can do is focus on doing nothing and waste your time. If you want to make your goals come to fruition, you must be focused and specific.

Spend less time at work and more time with your family - and make sure that they are working towards their goals too. You should be doing what you love to do.

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Essay on The Law of Life for class 10

The Divine Plan:

As we grow old, let us see the country growing beautiful, like our home. Our country is God's gift to us, we must look after it, never become its servant. That is the divine plan of God.

"People are like seeds; they cannot survive on their own. We need to water them, we need to water them, we need to water them." - B R Ambedkar, Speech in the Constituent Assembly of India on 13th January 1948.

Our whole life is a sacrifice, a making something beautiful, let us make our country beautiful.

Other's feeling towards me:

"Those who love you will see you where you are, and those who do not love you will see you where you are not. They will not be jealous, but be thankful, and say, 'You are my all.

I mean you cannot do miracles and transform your country e.g. India, make India like her dream, make her be like her imagination.

Know life and Be happy:

If you did not understand the law of life, you cannot be happy in your life and you will die because you will not have the purpose of life. If you do not know this, you will die before you get what you want. This is the law of life. This is the law of the universe. You need to understand it, to transform your life, to get the things you want, and to transform the lives of all those who enter in your path of transformation.

Law of Transformation:

Essay on The Law of Life

If you want to change the world, then you need to understand the law of life. This is the law of the universe, the law of transformation. If you want to change the entire world, you need to transform yourself. This is the law of transformation, this is the transformation of the world. The whole world has to be transformed, and everything in the whole world has to be transformed. You know this already. Y

A Train Accident Example:

You must have seen the pictures of the people who died in that train accident, do you know that they were saved? Of course, you know that you knew that they died because they jumped from the moving train.

I was there, I was there when this happened. In that accident, I watched thousands of people jump to their death on that same road. I was there when the fire broke out, the burning cars, the screaming women and children. I was there when people were cut in two when the explosion happened. I was there when my sister fell down, she fell down and I just watched, I didn't help her. The other people did not help my sister, that was the world. There were too many people involved in that fire that the fire brigade couldn't do anything, they were too busy doing their job, they were too busy, that's why so many people died.

The whole world was changed, the whole world was changed by me and only me, no one was helped, all people were affected by me and me alone. That's the law of life. It's the law of transformation. Only you can change the whole world. Only you can change your life. You are the one in charge of yourself. You can do anything. Everything is yours. You are the master of your life. You are the king of your life. When everything has become yours, you know everything.

How we handle our own Cases:

When everything has become yours, it's like when your child falls down, you pick him up and you go to play. It doesn't matter what you see, or what you hear, because that child is yours and when he falls down, you pick him up and you go to play. Because you are the one who can do anything. This is the law of creation and transformation.

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Apr 8, 2021

Write An application to the Principal for four days Leave

This is an example. Its context and purpose can be changed as per your requirement

To, The Principal,


I am an experienced cyclist and I am very fond of cycling. I have suffered of pain in my leg for last four days.

But since I find it hard to say to quit it and I am an experienced cyclist it is very difficult to find any other way but to suffer.

I have been to hospital today and was examined and I have been diagnosed with a high fever of 34 degrees Centigrade. And I have suffered of pain in my leg for the last three days. And I want quit.

I have a temperature of over 34.0 C, And I am suffering of pain in my leg and my hip because of the fever. I want to quit.

I have a good supply of water but I need to change it from time to time. I need an electric water pump. I am very fond of my body and I don't want to stop anymore. But I want to find any other way to quit than suffering of my cycling career.

I think this feeling of fever might be a result of the long trip. It seems to be at 36.0 C when I am feeling my best of 34.0 C. I want quit.

Help me. I'm really begging you. Please help. I need it badly.

I therefore request you to kindly grant me a leave of 4 days untill I recover and oblige

Write An application to the Principal for four days Leave
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Apr 7, 2021

Strategy Adopted by Companies During a Crisis Essay

After all, it's the thought that counts right? Here we are illustrating few cases:

1. Bank of America

Strategy Adopted by Companies During a Crisis Essay

When the tornado struck, customers still managed to get to the bank, where they lined up for cash. What was the company doing at this point? They had begun a massive marketing campaign, which included a big TV ad, where they were explaining how to survive a disaster. If that wasn't an example of a company coming together in time of need, I don't know what is! And of course, they did not run out of cash, they had a back-up from the government, and they leveraged their network of financial institutions into a massive lending operation.

The public saw video footage of UPS trucks stranded on roadways, with stranded passengers inside, and they found ways to get the cargo out as quickly as possible. When the press tried to get answers from UPS about how they were able to get their cargo out so quickly, the company stated that there was no information on the record. When the public pressed the company for information, the company provided that information. What?! Who can argue with that? In fact, you can argue with the logic behind the strategy, but you can't argue with success!

3. Google

Google Search Engine

When the first reports surfaced that Google was out of our reach due to a DDoS attack, the search engine came back. Why? Because the attack was meant to shut down our minds to what we could accomplish if we had the right mindset. But what was the attack all about? It was meant to cause us to question the very nature of competition. It was meant to force us to focus on how we could achieve what Google had accomplished. And it succeeded! We took on Google and won. Did we have all the answers? Absolutely not. Did we have the money to compete? Nope. But we proved that we were going to play by their rules, and we put our energies into figuring out how we could play to our strengths.

This is just a short list of the more well known examples of how businesses have leveraged their situation.

Idia behind It:

The idea is that it takes a community to thrive in an economic environment, and it takes a company to help build a community. This is a great message, and many companies are taking it to heart. A perfect example is Dell, the computer company.

In crisis time Different approach have to be adopted:

They decided to do for the computing industry what GM had done for the automotive industry. They hired thousands of people to create an environment of giving and receiving of products from customers. They did this with stock options so that people would feel like they were participating in the success of the company and not just participating in a paycheck. All told they had raised $24 billion from this action alone, with another $14 billion on the way.

So don't sit on the fence trying to decide what you should do. Figure out how you can do what you love, and how you can do it with integrity. That way you might find that you enjoy it and it will come with a side of confidence.

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Apr 6, 2021

How Should People Participate in a Meeting Essay

Basic Way:

A simple way is to simply raise your hand, let people know what you want to say and let the rest of the meeting play out according to your plans. The meeting moves forward and everyone is accountable for its progress. It's the most basic form of leadership.

Meeting must not be Interrupted:

But how do we do it? How do we raise our hands, say what we want to say, and have the rest of the meeting proceed according to our plans and not be derailed by someone interrupting to take over the next topic?

Here's a simple formula: Have the people wait in line and say what they want to say.

In a recent coaching session, I explained this to a client who'd always been a good listener and now found it difficult to participate. At other times, she excelled at making connections and building consensus, but most of the time, she'd be lost as to what to do next.

To make the most of her skills, she needed to learn how to have the people in line talk.

This was different from being able to "hear" what other people wanted to say. It involved participation.

People to be Engaged in a Line or Queue:

How Should People Participate in a Meeting

The client accepted my advice and began to train her support team to engage the people in line and participate in the meeting. When people in line didn't have something they needed to say, they were invited to speak. People in line were no longer ignored, they were now being managed and steered, if necessary, to the parts of the meeting that were appropriate for them. As the process of managing those in line became easier, participants in the meeting became more able to participate and others began to actively participate as well. This meant a shift in the overall tone of the meeting.

Be an Effective Listener:

You can use this idea to train employees how to lead, manage, and coach yourself. For example, if you feel you don't have the skills to manage your own meeting, you can train your employees to do it for you. If you're not an effective listener, you can teach yourself to become one. And if you know you're not a natural planner, you can teach yourself to become one.

Accept the Absentism in a positive Way:

The concept of "showing up" is important as well. To keep the momentum going, you must show up to the meeting and be accountable to everyone for your actions. If you're late, you need to make sure everyone knows, including the participants, the importance of your attendance. If you miss the meeting entirely, you need to explain the reason behind your non-attendance, including the day's big goal. If you're absent for a long period of time, you need to communicate to everyone that your absence is not acceptable and will have consequences.

The concept of participation should be clear:

The idea of participating in your own training is a hard one for many people. There is no single model for participation. What does work is setting clear expectations for how you want the training to be used, for example, to make money or solve a problem, and making sure that each step of the process is explained clearly and completely. You also need to make sure that there are no misunderstandings or surprises along the way.

To participate fully you also need to have some training about how the process works. For example, you may want to train your employees on how to use the process to identify potential opportunities. You may want to offer them training on what the process is and how to follow it. You may want to set up systems for tracking money received and disbursed. You may want to set up a billing system so that it is clear to everyone where money is going and who is billed. This can all be part of an overall training program.

Why people afraid to participate:

A big reason why many people are afraid to participate is because of the idea of failure. The idea of failure is a huge deterrent to participation. But I would suggest that the most powerful reason why people aren't willing to participate is that they're not willing to make mistakes. The idea of making mistakes and trying things that aren't working is what's going to make them get out of their own way and get to work.

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