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Oct 25, 2020

Essay on "Is Lockdown a Solution of COVID-19 (Corona Virus -19)"

Lockdown is a brake to the spread activity of covid-19 and it is not a solution at all , However it is a part of the solution depending on the resources available in any country. As the effect of the virus was new and panic in public was at high level , Governments of many country took decision to impose the lockdown to have a time for planning to find a solution of this problem. Few countries in the world had confusion for choosing Lockdown or no Lockdown for a solution of COVID-19? This is a great matter of concern. As a thinker for the welfare of society, it is our duty to express my views to the society.

COVID-19 means corona virus disease 2019

It is being tried to write a perception as a method of solving this issue. It may not be right but a small step is the first way of finding and reaching the destination.

Lockdown has certain advantages which are listed below:
  • Lockdown provides us time space to find its solution.
  • Lockdown is a full brake against its spread.
  • Lockdown reduces the number of COVID-19 cases that reduce pressure on Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals.
  • Lockdown can stop sever damage that might be happen in case huge spread that means community level spread.
people on road during lockdown
Lockdown has many disadvantages too. These are listed below.
  • Lockdown is almost a brake to the vehicle of economy.
  • Lockdown breaks the smooth chain of business activities; which is very hard to streamline quickly with 100%.
  • Lockdown is a killer for the poor section of the society if life saving arrangement does not organised at war level.
  • Lockdown take away employment, which is a high risk for countries which already are suffering from unemployment problem.
  • Lockdown is very serious for the patient during the pandemic situation like COVID-19 when doctors refuse to attend a patient having other diseases and police demand many certificates on road.
  • Fear creates big issue even for carrying out allowed food and medical related businesses
  • In Lockdown real pictures of many places remain invisible to the media person.
  • New laws create many confusions amongst the people as they actually do not know what to follow and what to not.
  • Lockdown may throw the economy into a vicious circle of failure of the business chain.
Personal Opinion:

This is a complete personal view of the writer. The lockdown period would have been for short period of time which would be economically viable and thereafter no lockdown would have been adopted to solve this complexity with strong teamwork to perform as it to be imagined as a war like situation. The details are explained below one by one.

Imposing Lockdown by many countries was not a healthy decision:

Long period lockdown could be avoided if proper logic based on past data would be adopted. I am sure if scientific thought without fear would be adopted then there would be NO LOCKDOWN at all. The logic of not implementing lockdown is that common men need money and socio-economic balance to fight with the virus or any problem of ours society. Resources and money are the result of smooth running of production houses, manufacturing industries and small businesses, therefore according to my perception countrywide or zone wise lockdown is not going to be a solution, the world leaders had to think about this with the world class economic team. If a person will have soaps then he will clean his hands because, need to live is more important than protection of life. Need supports the life expentency and protection and safety come after span of life. World should never go for a long period of lockdown at similar kind of situation for unending virus presence. History reveals that the virus never vanishes. It is because ultimately our body has to fight with the virus after a few times then why not do the same thing a little before.

Note:The most important thing everyone noticed that society failed to manage panic and fear of corona disease. Society and officials have taken it into account much beyond the limit of an abnormal situations. In this kind of situation, media must be controlled to not to increase fear among the society for a gain of TRP. The situation of normalcy in society is one of the most important factors for a stable, prosperous, and peaceful human society. It must be addressed in a more clever manner by any government.

The activities that would have been focussed are detailed below:

Testing : Whome to be tested.

While preparing for solution method it is to identify first who is infected and who is healthy. That means there must be a smart thinking process of keeping people less contacted physically and testing would be only done to the identified person having the symptoms of Covid-19. There would have been local arrangement in schools, college, society hall etc. But testing must be done very economically because a large number of testing needs a large number of testing kits which are not available during COVID-19 in sufficient numbers. Therefore unwanted testing can be avoided by applying symptoms and quarantine methods to isolate healthy and unhealthy persons. It requires a quick creation of quarantine centers with food supply and medical facilities.

Young people need not be tested as the recovery data shows that the maximum (about 80%) of young people are not entering into a critical stage. These people need not be tested until mild symptoms to avoid unnecessary panic amongst them. Panic decreases the immunity of a person. Media people must be silenced by their tonal presentation to minimize panic so that medical personnel may not dip into fear. This is a more important matter that must be addressed cautiously.

These majority of mildly affected people can help society by self home quarantine/isolation. The government should provide a local body with a doctor at the ward level for asking self home quarantine to these types of people.

Medical Treatment:

Next comes, Is there any medicine or method available to cure the infected patients? As far as information available at present, there is no vaccine or proper medicines available in the market. That means the people are left with the alternative of trial and error method of optional medicine (HydroxyChloroquine) of a similar kind on a patient. Many of us are not doctors but information floating in the media has enough know-how for a common educated person to think on these activities which is going in hospitals.

The patient must not be enclosed in a less ventilated room. The life saving things are fresh air and sunlight and these two things are must be provided irrespective of shutting down the normal patient into a room. Trees and gardens are the best places for normal patients. In this way, the patient will remain with normal behavior and with high immunity and the cost of managing a high number of the patient will be minimum.


I think more people can be saved by their natural immune if proper isolation facility and proper food facility and management with medical labor force are available rather than applying improper medicine. The medicine needs to be applied only on critical patients only. In this case, home isolation will work more effectively rather than hospitals because managing a large number of patients of COVID-19 will not work as the medical staff will not deliver his proper duty due to fear of this disease which was noticed from many spots. A doctor's help in society for medical instruction will do a lot.

How we would have to systemize the food and needy goods distribution to poor people during lockdown:

No, any new program and policy can be systemized quickly. Therefore we should use the available program and system available in the country. If I would have been told to systemise the problem and its condition then I would have chosen the police and force officers for this job. And I would have authorized these people(police/army men etc) to expend for food and other needed goods and reimburse the cost weekly after distribution, It is because these people are in direct contact with the poor people locked here and there. That means the backward system will work more efficiently rather than top to bottom flow system; which involves corruption activities. In this way, the people's movement would be stopped.

We would have enforced an online complaint system for the people against the private organization; which are stopping the payment of the small workers during the lockdown. For this, we would have utilized the digital India program connected with the big chain of business people to help these poor illiterate people.

Research and Development:

Research and development to be done to find the death rate categorically (i.e. according to disease). That means there must be a system to know data of the people's deaths and its cause and it must not be politically biased. This type of problem may happen in the future again and again. In that situation, our data will help us to figure out the fact to identify the conspiracy if any exist.


Damage of the economy cannot be compromised for the probability of disease instead we are living with the disease and have to live with the disease. This is an actual fact. Fear must not surpass the confidence of living. Confidence in people cannot be injected easily whereas injecting fear of death in public is very easy. We must be careful while dealing with fear factor in society. Last but not the least, It is better to die with a full stomach rather than an empty stomach.

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Sep 7, 2020

Essay on Overview to a Project Management


Project is not a regular or daily business activity. This is the way of thinking for doing great things for the welfare of society. It may be also as little as doing something at house level activity e.g. for managing a small job like making a garage or bathroom in our house. Setting strategy for board exam. Everything must be think as a project to make a successful outcome.

Formal meaning of a project: The Project Management Institute (PMI) specifies a project as a short-lived undertaking taken on to develop an unique item, service, or result. The end is reached when the project's goals have been accomplished or when the project is ended. Purposes of project are to fulfill the requirement that was thought and accounted at early stage.

The advancement, as well as the intro of brand-new services or of a monitoring info system, are instances of a project. As a consequence of it, a special team of professionals is assigned to manage a job.

Attribute of a project:

sea rout

-Project has start time.

-Project has an End time.

-Project has a team .

-Project has a particular purpose.

Task management:

Task management as the name suggests is all about nurturing or handling a job. This is made with the aid of requisite expertise regarding the project, skills as well as strategies to finish the project within dealt tenure and also the available sources. Task management entails detailed treatment together with a sensible approach in the direction of the project.


As soon as the budget, as well as various other fundamentals concerned to the job are recognized the company looks for sponsors as well as a job manager. If the private sponsoring the task is reliable and also knowledgeable sufficient, he also can be its manager.


The job manager after that selects a group of individuals to work under him. Along with the group, the supervisor of the project prepares a job strategy. This plan is not almost the cost as well as time aspects yet also pertaining to the manner in which the project is to be launched as well as covered up later on. This requires a great deal of conversations and negotiations between the job manager as well as the team of employees.


The execution stage of a task is where the job is put to execution as decided. While implementing a job its development and handling adjustments require to be meticulously monitored. At this moment in order to harness the sources well, the task supervisor could really feel the need to increase his group. As an example advertising and marketing of the product might be enduring due to more observe being paid to its production or due to a lack of great marketing executives. This may additionally involve getting in touch with new firms and companies. Therefore a collection of individuals requires to be readily selected to organize this. Then it is always at the onus of the supervisor to equip the brand-new participants with the full and correct knowledge of the job. In some cases, training may also be imparted.


After all these phases more than, the task comes with its stage of conclusion. This is known as the close downstage. Here the project supervisor safely deals with the completed operation in the hand of the consumer or the client. When a job is finished as well as handed over, a project evaluation conference ought to be held to research the job done, encourage if something great was discovered throughout the task, and likewise gain from the mistakes made. These must additionally be recorded and later released in moles and all. This functions as great assistance in future tasks.

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Aug 30, 2020

Essay on- What you need to know about Viral Disease

There is a really enduring intermediary between human beings as well as an infection that stray unreservedly in our atmosphere. The infection has a lengthy history of upsetting people.

A virus is a microorganism that is not noticeable to the naked eye. It is contagious and highly transmittable. An infection strikes and clips to a living cell of the body. After that, It releases its DNA or RNA, which smashes the original genetic material and functioning of the cell. However, before cell expiry, it leaves or launches more of that infection. The infection multiplied in such a fashion that hinders the development and working of other healthy and balanced cells too. Ultimately whole body becomes captured in its holds. However, the immune system of the body undertakings its best to brawl the viral strike. It does not prosper in all the cases. Because of this reason, the medical professionals, as well as dieticians, recommend a healthy diet plan abundant in nutrition that enhances the resistance of the body.

The Residence as well as Transmission of Virus-

There are various types of known viruses. Some common Viral Infections- there are some well understood viruses and the conditions triggered by them. A few of these are explained below.

Hepatitis is brought on by a virus. Considering that different types of infections process, there are various types of hepatitis. These infections harm the human liver, which results in its burning or swelling. It is for that reason named HIV i.e. Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV infection gets to the human body via several means such as- through sex with a partner that is already living with HIV, though infected mother's milk to her youngster, with human saliva, HIV contaminated needles, syringes as well as so forth.

Thus, one should be really careful pertaining to all these elements. Entirely safety should be observed to avoid lifelong HIV infection especially since no adequate remedy is yet readily available to get rid of the impact of HIV.


There exists a vaccine for liver disease A however not for E. Hepatitis B is triggered by unguarded sex, giving birth, and also call with a contaminated individuals. Hepatitis C virus is moved by the means of infected blood as well as is cured via medicines.

Feasible prevention of liver disease is to keep hygiene and also caution in issues of sex and also contacts with various other individuals.

West Nile Virus is understood for triggering diseases in pets, birds as well as human beings. In human beings, the WNV reaches through the bite of a contaminated insect. When the virus enters a person's blood, it can obtain moved to all those who come in contact with it through blood transfusions, body organ transplants, breastfeed, and so forth.

In order to avoid oneself from the WNV, check the population of mosquitoes in your area and near your house. Don't permit waterlogging, open bins, unhygienic hygiene, open pits and so on in your vicinity

Medication through medications and also no vaccination in itself is present for WNV.

Mostly the African and also eastern continents encounter the hazard of Polio Virus. This infection can lead to a minor to finish paralysis. The poliovirus can infect individuals of any type of age. Due to the lack of hygiene, this infection can be found in the air through human feces and also obtains flowed. It goes into the body through his mouth and also makes its way to the intestines. This virus inmost cases particularly damages the legs of the person. The paralysis in legs due to poliovirus can not be healed. It additionally ruins the respiratory system by making the breathing muscle mass stable.

Usually, polio hits infants. Polio goes down and also vaccinations are available all over. People ought to take them and also give these to their children too.

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Aug 23, 2020

Essay on Planning to Visit European Destinations

Do you intend to travel Europe in the following year or after two years? That is a fantastic plan for journey, but you require to know the advantage of spoting the place that you need to meticulously plan your trip to make sure that you can take advantage of your journey. European locations are several and that is why it is important to carefully study as well as make a strategy of your journey.

6 Months Prior to European Travel

You will certainly require to figure out where you want to go in Europe. This is an excellent means to examine out the locations that you might want to see and also you can highlight the information that you might want to go over on your trip.

Three Months Before Trip

europe location

Currently you want to begin the detail planning of your trip. A ticket will certainly be required if you don't have one and also you will certainly require to buy your airline tickets and also prepare your lodging. If the climate is significantly different from yours, then you may require to acquire some garments for the journey.

You will certainly need to schedule the bookings currently if you desire to go to a special festival or even while you are traveling in Europe. It might end up being tough to obtain tickets if you wait if the occasion is a huge one.

6 Weeks Before Trip

Your trip is getting closer, but you still have some things that you need to do. Mpst likely you need to rent out an auto, ride the rails, or take bus transportation through Europe? You will require to study these options and also make a strategy accordingly to ensure that you have the transportation that you require. You likewise will certainly wish to make certain that you have a health and wellness exam as well as obtain any type of booster shots that you might require. By doing this beforehand, you will make certain that you get every little thing done.

4 Weeks Before Trip

You will certainly be traveling to Europe in simply four weeks. Make sure that you have travel luggage, maps, something to keep your cash and also related things like video camera, camera charger, mobile charger. You will certainly also intend to speak to the embassy to see if there are any type of cautions that you need to be knowledgeable about.

One Week to One Day Before Trip

If you have actually missed out on doing something, after that it will certainly not get done at this time. Make certain that you have backup of your debit cards and also key for safety and security and obtain prepared to board that plane. Be well equiped with your electronic securities keys, passwords and its retrival system so that it cannot be retirived by you and anybody of your family or group.Alwasy gather contact numbers of next one to which emergency communication can be made for your safety.

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Aug 12, 2020

Essay on How to quickly turn your Dream into Reality in Life

What's your dream? Wish to provide your vision a jumpstart? Arrange and document your objectives and use these questions explained one by one to speed up delivery of your dream.

1. What's your greatest priority in your life?

What's crucial for you to experience, explore or accept at current situation of your life? Until you address this vital question, your life objectives will not be be purposeful. Unaligned, zigzag and half hearted priority with your inner enthusiasm, do not have the power to bring in set objective to come true. If the priorities of life is set with strong determination , then it becomes easy to energise the process of achieving dream.

Everybody aspiring a dream must address inner sense of his true pleasure. When your goals are aligned with your soul function, synchronicity kicks in to assist you to your target.

2. Is this your dream, or another person's advised dream?

a girl standing in a boat

Are your goals your own choice, or what others think you should pursue? Do you wish to look back in your past time achievent or failure . Do you want to dream you had followed your passion? Will you regret having "played it safe?"

Is it selfish to pursue your own dream? What delight can you offer to others if you haven't given it to yourself initially?

You have a divine right to listen to your heart. You have a social obligation to follow your dream. Just then can you fulfill your fate and make the worldly contribution, you were born to make.

3. Do you truly and actually want this dream?

Do you eagerly think every morning to pursue your vision? Or is it a lukewarm dream you go after since it does not sound significant? Only the Real dedication and persuance towards your vision will generate enough energy to manifest itself in the world.

4. Are you going for less than what you dream?

Are you comfortable to accept less than your fullest happiness, health and success in this life? Have you compromised and sacrificed your dream to death?

Anything short of living your real enthusiasms will never ever make you delighted. Do you want to come to the Pearly Gates with the regret of not marrying that one fascinating individual, starting that fun company, or seeing that unique part of the world you always wanted to visualise?

5. Is your dream in fact just a method to some other dream?

Isn't it really the new car itself you desire, rather than the money-the means-to purchase the brand-new cars and truck? And isn't it actually joy you desire, rather than the picture-perfect mate, job or body?

Concentrate on the experience you want to develop, not the physical kind that may-or might not-bring you that experience.

6. What will you seem like when you reach your dream?

Individual enthusiasm fuels a vision. Dive into the excitement and excitement of the feeling of living your dream. Every minute you can, beverage in the happiness of having your goal.

Is your day-to-day attention feeding your dream? Hey, in your life, it's high peak time! Do you know where your innovative excitement is streaming?

It's about time you manifested your goals. Dynamic, pleasing developments are supported with love and care as a flower in a garden.

7. How will you take advantage of getting your dream?

Get particular about the advantages you'll get from attaining your vision. What exactly would happen if you made a lot of money doing something you enjoy?

8. What steps can you take today towards your dream?

Don't delay your dream. Set up and automate execution methods and create systems around you to immediately equate your objectives into action. Get on every chance that is in line with your function and vision.

Keep the momentum going. No matter how much busy your life faces, It is must to take at least one action a day. Even the tiniest actions-jotting down a new idea, reading a single page, or making one phone call-can start to add up.

Are there smaller tasks that lead to your larger dream that can offer you pleasure in the meantime? If the dream is to run a marathon, train for a smaller fun-run.

9. Are you informing yourself: "I can't have my dream?"

Many people don't think they can live their dream. Either their belief system has forced them for such meiocre thinking. These type of fellow starts to believe that they can't make a living doing what they love, or they feel they do not deserve their dream. To prevent the pain of feeling they can't have their dream, individuals often keep their dream so buried they can't remember they ever had a dream.

Everybody has a dream! And everybody is predestined to fulfill that purpose. Why wait?

10. Are you afraid of getting your dream?

Statistically, more cardiovascular disease occur when "great" things occur, than when "bad" things happen! Getting your dream is lethal! Naturally, recognizing your dream is only threatening to your old experience of yourself and your life-you know, the one that's boring-or paining-you to death!

Change is scary. Find a way to move the energy of worry. The only method to prevent sensational worry is to prevent living altogether!

11. Do you truly require to accomplish your dream?

Do you truly need to accomplish your goals to be happy? Go into the "hootless state"- where you no longer give a hoot if the precise "photo" of your dream comes real.

Write down your objectives and utilize these questions to speed up delivery of your dream.

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Jul 31, 2020

Essay on A Perfect Household Christmas Present

There's no denying that Christmas time is fast approaching. Aside from Christmas designs, among the most popular products bought throughout this unique season consist of a broad variety of Christmas gifts. Being a major attraction for everyone, Christmas gifts are anticipated by everyone particularly those by families and relative.


Christmas is certainly a really special time for families all over the world. Bringing the joy and excitement of Christmas time into its maximum form are family Christmas presents and presents. Each and everybody people would wish to provide our parents, uncles, aunties, siblings, brothers, children, kids, husbands, other halves a special household present.

Like finding that elusive present for a sweetheart or a sweetheart, selecting the ideal household Christmas gift can be a tedious and difficult task. To assist you find the ideal gift for your relative, here are some present concepts and provides that will undoubtedly make their Christmas season merrier.

Among the many family Christmas gift ideas out there, handmade household Christmas provides constantly leading the list. Aside from being distinct, various selections of family Christmas presents also show the worth of the recipient.

A girl with gift pack

Hand-made Christmas gifts might include an unique painting of a family, a sculpture that signifies family unity, or pieces of clothing that embody familial spirit. Household photo or a photo of a particular relative placed in a special hand-made frame is also an exceptional choice.

If you're on a tight budget plan and would still want to provide something for your relative, worry no more because household Christmas presents need not be expensive. All you need to do is to know the interests of each family member and personalized something for them.

Economical household Christmas presents may consist of customized Christmas cards and home-made cookies, home-cooked meals and thrills, a personal shopping spree for them or a day of unique service. Remember, when giving gifts, the financial value of the product of the present counts, it's the idea behind it that really matters.

However, if you actually wish to give something concrete for a present, here are some special household Christmas presents you can choose from:

1. 1 year subscription of the family's favorite publication or paper. If the entire family is into reading a specific magazine or a newspaper, why not amaze them a year of subscription? Aside from assisting your moms and dads out in cutting expenditures caused by subscription, this is also a practical idea since all of the member of the family will gain from it.

2. A brand-new Bible. A brand-new Bible will certainly be a treasured possession if your household is Catholic. You can purchase a most recent or newest version in hardbound or if you want to be somehow techy, an audio Bible is ideal for the whole household especially for those members who like to drive. 3. A music CD. A music cd will certainly be a hit if the family enjoys to listen to a particular artist or inclined to a specific music genre.

4. Lots of video or DVD. If nearly all of the member of the family are film enthusiasts, it would be a pleasant surprise for each and each of them if you buy quality movies in DVD. Aside from having the ability to share it with everyone, copies of ageless films can likewise be an investment in the future.

5. Fun stuff and games for the household. If you're family is into playing a specific video game together for a bonding, then enjoyable things and games such as board activities, games, and jobs will be appreciated.

Being a significant destination for everybody, Christmas gifts are expected by everybody specifically those by families and household members.

Christmas is certainly a really unique time for households all over the world. Bringing the joy and excitement of Christmas time into its fullest type are family Christmas presents and presents. You can buy a most recent or most current version in hardbound or if you want to be in some way techy, an audio Bible is best for the entire family particularly for those members who enjoy to drive.

If nearly all of the family members are motion picture enthusiasts, it would be a pleasant surprise for each and every one of them if you buy quality films in DVD.

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Jul 27, 2020

Essay on A Fly Fishing Trip -- A Perfect Trip

Any fly fisherman will tell you of the enormous peace that comes from a fly fishing experience. Suddenly, you are embraced in the arms of nature where beautiful landscapes surround you and all that's left of the modern world are residues of your fleeting stress. Gone are the cell pagers, computer systems, and phones-- replaced with birds, sunlight, and the noises of water. It is not surprising that a lot of fishermen prepare a fly fishing expedition as often as they can.

Not only are the tools and supplies utilized for fly fishing different from traditional fishing, however the way in which the angler gets involved differs. Its name obtained from the bait that it uses-- synthetic flies that are made from synthetic products and built to replicate insects of all ranges-- fly fishing frequently needs that the fly angler-- or angler-- actually be in the water.

First and foremost, it is needed to select the kind of fly fishing that appeals most to you, in addition to the kind of fish that you are most thinking about drawing in. Once you have a destination in mind, you should refer to the plethora of fly fishing guides that will inform you what specific time of year would be most suited for fly fishing. The kinds of fish readily available in these areas will notify you to the type of flies that you should stock for your fly fishing trip.


Lots of anglers parlay a fly fishing expedition into a holiday on a grander scale. For instance, fly fishing in Alaska can complement a sightseeing adventure prior to or after; heading to Canada for a fly fishing expedition can be tagged on to a leisurely increase the east coast. Fly fishing provides itself to a great lot of experiences and since it needs a natural setting, a fly fishing expedition often promises to be stunning and relaxing.

Look first to fly fishing guides that will signal you to any resorts that use fly fishing trip packages. This can be a terrific way to conserve cash and arrange your getaway in a manner that takes one of the most advantages of the time that you have. Naturally, the Internet offers an incredible quantity of information on planning a fly fishing expedition. With a bit of research study and an adventurous spirit, you will be well on your method to a journey of a lifetime.

Its name derived from the bait that it utilizes-- artificial flies that are made from artificial products and built to reproduce insects of all ranges-- fly fishing frequently requires that the fly angler-- or angler-- actually be in the water. Fly fishing in Alaska can complement a sightseeing experience before or after; heading to Canada for a fly fishing trip can be tagged on to a leisurely drive up the east coast. Fly fishing lends itself to great numerous adventures and because it requires a natural setting, a fly fishing journey almost constantly assures to be stunning and relaxing.

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