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May 25, 2018

The controversy of the existence of Capital Punishment has been in the legal scenario for a very long time now. With many people taking capital punishment as not the justice which would serve any human right and on the other hand there are people who believes it is a good and fair way of punishing those who deserve it.

What is Capital Punishment? Capital Punishment is the judgment given to someone who has been caught guilty in some crime or absolutely unlawful thing and involves taking their lives under a legal procedure. It is hence also known as the death penalty.

Essay on Capital Punishment To Be Abolished for Class 12

Even though many countries have suspended capital punishment as much as they could, some countries still prefer this medium of justice popularly. But there are many reasons which makes capital punishment inappropriate and therefore there have been appeals and concerns about this medium. Reasons to Abolish Capital Punishment Over the years different reasons have surfaced which has appealed capital punishment to be abolished completely. Different controversies have come up over the years against this topic and all of them stood their ground based on certain propagations and justifications. Let us have a look at some of them.

● Since justice and all the legal trials are conducted by humans, there can be biased and inclined verdicts and decisions against someone. Therefore, there is always a risk of an innocent individual or individuals getting executed for someone else's crime or barbarism.

● Death penalty violates the very basic freedom and right of every individual who is under the constitution. It undermines the fact that every individual has a right to remain alive under every legal procedure or at least defend his or her case to avoid capital punishment.

● Capital Punishment does not put a stop or prevent further crimes from getting happened. On the contrary, in many countries law enforcement officials and lawyers have been pleading rigorously to abolish the decision of any court to take a death penalty.

● Even though capital punishment is much thought about and is agreed upon after a lot of discussions or public opinion, it can be easily manhandled or influenced by some external factors and therefore true justice will not be delivered to the suspect.

So as you can see that there are various reasons which has united many sections of the people and law enforcement authorities to stand against capital punishment. The most important thing that they have been propagating that every human has the right to live and given the deserved punishment under legal procedures. But taking away a person's life which in some cases can also be of an innocent, is absolutely not appropriate and as per the basic democratic laws.

May 18, 2018

Creativity is inherent, it is probably the one thing no one can steal from a person. Creativity gives us wings to fly, make our own path, and stand out among billions of people. But today's world is dominated by competition.

Ayn Rand, a Russian writer says "A Creative Man is motivated by the Desire to Achieve, not by the desire to beat others". The world is constantly moving towards being better, which only increases competition. While leaving one's comfort zone has become a common form of motivation, more and more people are going through their everyday chores because, in orcoder to survive, they have to be ahead in the competition.

This brings me to the topic “Competition kills Creativity”. While I support the notion, there is a fine line between healthy competition and the trouble-making ones. A healthy competition, especially within one's niche, drives a person to be better. However, a competition that is driven by the maddening thoughts of being better than everyone (especially for survival), will only lead to demotivation and thereby, an end to one’s creative side. When there is competition, people start comparing themselves to others, which mostly leads to demotivation and unnecessary stress. The stress leads to a cascade of other events and a person is forced to give in to the ways of the society. Right from the childhood, we are taught of ways to face the world, be it studies, job, etc. While a few people try really hard to explore their creative side, they receive scornful comments on how creativity might not make them the best.

Competition Destroys the Creativity Essay

Most industries create a competitive environment among their employees. The central goal is to lead the employees to give their best so that the company can stay ahead in the market and gain more profit. While this is constructive competition, peer pressure among employees can be dangerous. The determination to provide better results for promotion, salary etc. can sometimes go horribly wrong. Sometimes it’s the people around you who push you into believing that you need to lose everything to stay ahead of them all.

Competition should be supportive. This is what a healthy competition is where people can grow and explore their talents without giving in to the pressures of the society. An encouraging competition will make people brave enough to pursue their creativity and live the life they want to live. The competition also fills one with survival skills and foster innovation, where coming out of their comfort zone isn't a humungous task, and where people help each other flourish. Competition can be helpful and well as harmful and depends greatly on the surroundings and people. It also depends on people's perspectives and how they want to handle competition. A well-planned person can let his creativity live among the growing competition. Creativity is a fuel that runs the world, and it should be kept going. That's how historic events happen, and that's how we become a better person every day.

The above is in favaour of the topic. You can also write against to this topic.

Complete question is like this: Competition Destroys the Creativity Essay : Give Your views for and against the proposition.

You are requested to give your view in against or in favour of the topic.

May 11, 2018

Garden is an important part of the school but generally, not every school has a garden. I feel myself lucky that my school has a beautiful garden.

My school garden is big and is always filled with the lush greenery. It is stretched in a vast area of 2 acres. There are many types of trees plants, and flowers. I don’t even know the names of all those trees and flowers. It is located at the middle of school building and the playground is just beside the garden. On one side, there are only trees and on other side, there are different types of flowers in a row. The vivid butterflies on the branches of the trees make the garden even more colorful.


On the mid of the ground, there is a big and plush lawn. One can sit there peacefully. I visit my school garden whenever I get free time during the lectures or during the lunch. A gardener is also appointed to take care of the garden. Since he always remains in the garden, no outsider can enter the garden. The gardener is always busy with nursing the garden. Kids are not allowed to pluck the flowers or fruits from the garden. In my whole school, my school garden attracts me the most.

May 4, 2018

Taj Mahal is the heart of India. Everybody wants to visit it at least once in his/her lifetime.

I too was very curious to get the glimpse of this monument as I have heard a lot about the magnificence of this place. After waiting for years, finally, the day came when I got a chance to visit this place. Actually, it was a group trip from my school. Our school conducts 2-3 days trip every year in January. All the students are divided in a certain number of groups and then, they’re sent to different touristic places with a guide. Our group was decided to go on a trip to Taj Mahal. I was happy and there were two reasons for it. First, I was going Taj Mahal and second, all my friends were in my group only. A day before the trip, we were told about everything like what all stuff we should carry and at what time we had to reach school in order to depart.

Essay on You are going to Taj Mahal - but unfortunately you reached another place- Tell the effects of this journey and tell what lesson have you  gained

We were expected to turn up at 7 AM. I was eagerly waiting for the morning at the night but when I woke in the morning, it was already 6:30 AM. I quickly got ready, packed up my bag and rushed to the school. When I reached there, buses were going. A few were left and a few were already gone. As I reached there, a bus, which was about to leave, stopped and the guide asked me the batch number. I told him my batch number and he asked to get on the bus. I didn’t see anything as I was already nervous about being late. I just boarded. After a few minutes, when felt relaxed, I looked around for my friends. To my horror, these all faces were new to me. I never ever saw them. The ground fell out underneath my feet and my heart sank. I enquired about it with the guide. He told me that the bus was going to Mathura and the students were from the other branch of my school. What next? I sat sadly on my seat thinking about the fun I could have with my friends. We reached Mathura. We visited a few temples but I couldn’t enjoy the trip at all. I felt alienated, alone, and boring. I had no one to talk with. The trip seemed me as a punishment.

My trip went in vain and my dream of visiting Taj Mahal remained a dream only. With this trip I learned many things, first, always be on time. Second, never get on a vehicle without the complete information about it. Third, friends are the real happiness. Fourth, life seems beautiful only when you’re surrounded by the people you love.

Title: Essay on 'You are going to Taj Mahal...but unfortunately you reached another place.....tell the effects of this journey and tell what lesson have you gained'

Apr 27, 2018

It was getting dark, maybe 8 PM at the night. I was on my roof enjoying the pleasant weather peacefully when I suddenly heard a loud scream of my mother.

I turned back and was left dumbfounded. It was fire on my own house. I was stuck on the roof and my mother & sister were there on the downstairs. Neither I could go downstairs nor could they come upstairs. I was crying with the fear because I was alone there. The flames were raising and so were my heartbeats. I was just crying and crying. The clouds of smokes and the horrible flames were approaching me.

Essay on my house fire class 2

Suddenly, I heard a voice coming beside me. It was my neighbor Rahul who came to rescue me after jumping from his roof. He took me in his lap and ran away from there. When I reached in their house, I took a sigh of relief after finding my mother & sister safe. We were taken safely out off the house but our house was burnt almost into ashes before the fire brigade could come. After 2 hours of continue efforts of putting out the fire, there was nothing left. We were heartbroken as we lost everything. However, now, we have got over it. Presently, we’re living in a different house.

Apr 20, 2018

Education, no doubt, is the threshold of knowledge. Education imparted by schools has given tremendous knowledge to students who have later excelled in their fields.

But as ideologies emerge, education has lost its meaning over the years. The main reason goes to the corruption of the system which has a disjuncture in the overall outlook. Students over the years have lost interest in studies because the focus is given more on theoretical aspect rather than the practical approach. Over the years, keeping in mind the changes in the student’s approach towards studies, a lot of methodologies in imparting education have been introduced where attending classes have become a matter of option.

Essay on Importance of Practical Approach Of Education

The relevant reasons which support this thought are that:
1. Sitting in the classroom, listening to long lectures will be of no use because there is no practical approach to whatever is being taught.

2. Rather than the school concentrating on the attendance of high school students, they should concentrate more on the practical approach of the imparted knowledge. A lot of first world countries have already started giving students a lot of projects where they spend more time on completing the project rather than attending the theoretical sessions.

3. High school is a very crucial stage in any student’s life because it is then that the students choose their career path. Giving them highly intellectual knowledge is very important which will fetch them fame and success.

4. If school imparts this kind of education system, the student will no longer need the burden of attending classes because the practical approach will impart learning in a very extensive manner.

Having said all the above points, it is also a responsibility on the students to adhere to the practical approach of learning because education has to be imparted and there can be no escape from it. A lot of theoreticians like kumaravadivelu have paid heed on to the practicality of education. Thus, attending classes over years might become nullified or optional not only because of the change in the education system but also due to the technological advancements.

Apr 13, 2018

"My little rose, when problems come our way, it makes us better." My mother Earth always said this to me when I was a little plant.

This is because I always wondered and asked her questions. "Why is my stem body full of thorns? Why do they prick me all the time? I don't see them on my friends. Jasmine, Sunflower and Lily are all free of thorns. Why can't I be like them?"

Hearing my questions my mother used to always smile and answer. She used to say, "My little rose, you are a natural beauty. You do have thorns on you but they are here to help you. They will make you grow into a beautiful flower. It will also make you stronger. So it's okay to be different. You will get to see what I mean one day." I didn't understand what she said but her loving voice always made me happy.

Essay on Autobiography of a Rose Flower

I grew up in a big garden. There were many plants here, and I loved being with them. As a little bud, I was very playful. My favourite time was when the dew dropped on us early mornings. Then the sun's light shined upon us all. During the day, an old man with kind eyes used to give us water. He was so gentle with us and took care of the entire garden. Every evening the wind blew and played with us. We would all then sway and dance together.

There were children who also came to play in the garden. Seeing them run around, I wished to one day grow up and move around. So one day I asked my mother. I said, "Maa when I grow up to be a flower, will I ever get to move? My mother replied, "My dear rosy rose, nature has given you a gift, a talent. One day this gift in you will take you places." I listened carefully and decided to wait.

One day my petals spread wide open and a beautiful fragrance came through me. I bloomed into a rose flower. The gardener was so happy to see me. He took a deep breath appreciating my rosy scent. With my scent, I could now move around. I thanked nature for this gift.

Now as a rose flower, people love to come close to me. The thorns in my body do not bother them. When they take in my scent, they become happy. This makes me happy too. Be it the gardener, the owner or children, all are equal for me. I will continue to share my gift, this rosy fragrance every moment where ever I am present.

Apr 6, 2018

I am a wooden material and I am popular for my brown colour. I am very close to the hands of player. Can you guess me who I am. I am your most important demand of childhood. I am a cricket bat.

I was in a toy shop for long time. Many children came to that shop. Many of them touched me and also hold me but due to my high cost, they used to leave me. I was getting bore in the shop. I was much excited to get someone's friendship, who can take me out from this shop. I did not want to lie in this boring shop anymore.

One day a handsome boy named Sunil came to the shop. He straight came to me and asked to the shopkeeper that he wanted me. The shopkeeper told to see more bats of the shop. But Sunil did not listen him and asked my price. In one take he paid my price and took me out of that jail. I felt much happy to breath fresh air of outside world.

Essay on autobiography of a Cricket Bat

My life have changed. I used to travel a new place almost in every week to play cricket. One after another Sunil achieved success of playing cricket with me. He scored high with me and fall in love with me. He always cared about me. Sunil loved me very much. Do you know why he loves me very much. Because when ever he played with me his team always won. He declared me as his lucky bat

life was full of joy and happiness. Once upon a time he had a match after three days. He was practicing day and night. I was very much tired for these days. Ultimately Sunil became very much tired and I got my breath back. Sunil used to keep me very clean. He was a hard working boy. When ever he comes home, he used to wash me with detergent. Again I started to shine. After the exercise of bathing I used to get deep sleep.

The day of the match came to my life. It was very important day for me because he challenged the opposite team. Due to these type of behaviour of Sunil I was in fear of bad happening that had never happened in my life. I had a great past experience with Sunil. But this time I was not comfortable with the situation that created an unwanted pressure on my mind. I was in fear of losing happier lifestyle with Sunil. It is because I had no experience of failure.

My fear turned into reality and this time Sunil lost the match. He became very much angry with me. He returned home and broke into two pieces. He never thought of my past performance. He did not thing that failure and success is a part of life. I died but prayed to God Had Sunil knew the fact of life. Winning and losing is not much important than friendship and feelings of others. Hope I will meet Sunil in next life and wish to fulfill his wish of winning. I always want Sunil to be happy.

Mar 30, 2018

You have just returned from a flood-affected area. Describe what you saw and what needs to be done for the rehabilitation of the people.

Catastrophe is a major incident which affects the lives of so many people.

Due to the natural circumstances, catastrophes sometimes cannot be predicted, or it becomes so huge that it can be termed as fatal to so many people. The wrath of nature is truly seen in these events and also leaves a deep impact on the lives of people and is also sometimes recorded in history.


Floods were just tales in the book to me until I actually faced it. It was devastating to see a society being shattered because of floods and many lives being lost. There was nothing but pain everywhere. Because of the untimely flood, nothing could be done properly. Everything I knew or saw was lost, nature and the animals were also affected. People were desperately trying to take shelter anywhere. Even the crops were damaged to a great extent and because of all the destruction due to floods, the society couldn't revive for a long time.

The experience of it was truly devastating and saddening. After facing the experience, I think that a lot of measures should be taken to prevent the floods. Through the tech machines, the impact of floods should be predicted and for the rehabilitation of people, proper measures should be taken by the government to relocate the people to a new place, until the present effected place is restored. The place is not only the matter of concern but people too where the people should be consoled or counselled because of the devastation they have faced.

In order to make sure that nothing of this sort happens again, a lot of future measures should be taken by the government where they should keep a special service ready when these type of emergency situations are faced and the hospitals should also be ready to handle such situations efficiently. Last but not the least, we as a society should also take active measures in making our environment neat and clean.

Mar 23, 2018

Incidents, those Freaking moments which made your life to rule to another track from the present one.

Incidents never occur after a message, they Just come and Jumble your thinking for the current Situations.

Essay on A memorable incident in my life on a tourist place like Shrinagar

I can't forget that trip with my college mates in the year 2005. We were super excited for the trip. We planned each and everything that we were gonna do in our target location KASHMIR. We all were having Our First Visit to one of the Most Beautiful Place in India.

The Beauty of Jammu & Kasmir was truly terrifying and incredible. Our group was having about 12 members. Some of us were not so adventurous they just want to roam at some places and then to take rest from where we started. Except those we all decided to feel more adventure.

We decided to take a view of those places in Jammu & Kashmir where the firing is most likely to happen. Next day, we eight group members reached at one of the dangerous places in Kashmir, The Line of Control and The Wagah Border. Somewhere beside our excitement, we all were scared of firing which takes place frequently under these areas. After some inspection we all decided to go back to our team. When we are about to pass The Heart of J&K, Srinagar we found some people running towards us and shouting- "Go, Get Safe They Are Coming!" We were confused that what's gonna happen now. Then we saw a huge herd of people having stones in their hands, massive anger and mask covered face running towards us. We all got completely shocked and freaked because that was our first time to Srinagar and we got trapped in such a disastrous situation. People in the houses beyond us called us to get a shelter and then we saw the BORDER SECURITY FORCE having wooden sticks and shields in their hands coming ahead to stop the herd of those hyper people. Suddenly the pothole started. Every one was fully scared from bottom to top. We saw many rocks dropped a few meters away from us. The pothole continued for next 5 hours. About 15-20 fearless soldiers got severely hurt and wounded because of that encounter strike.

All of us got really shocked and freaked about what was this. We were not having words to describe our fear against this ultraviolent and goosebumps hanging up situation. But that time beyond that disastrous violence, we also saw the pride of our Indian Army. They were super fearless. They were not thinking about themselves, they were thinking about the innocent people in the houses. This is what we called the honor of Indian Army. My this unforgettable incident changed my life for ever. I was in deep False that everything is easy but that time I really found that - YES THE THINGS ARE EASIER BUT ONLY FOR THAT TIME WHEN YOU BECOME FEARLESS... Every time when somebody asks me about my top freaking incident, this incident comes on my lips...

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