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May 9, 2021

Essay: 5 Traits of Good Character for having Vision to Achieve Dream Life

When you have created vision of your life and your character, then you can make more effective steps to achieve the vision. One thing you notice is that it is hard to achieve goals without having vision. You can use visualization techniques to achieve the goals. There are also other ways you can take to achieve the vision. But you have to have vision to achieve the vision.

Think at some point of you Life:

At some point of your life, you notice that there is something missing in your life. You might ask yourself how to reach your dream life. But how can you reach the dream life when your character does not suit it. Before you can have vision for your dream life you need to have a good character. Creating good character is the first step to have good character. Here are some ways that you can have a good character:

1. Have some goals:

Essay: 5 Traits of Good Character for having Vision to Achieve  Dream Life

Have some goals that you want to achieve in your dream life. It will help you have a good character and stop you from doing things you will regret later.

2. Always take responsibility:

Never do something on your own without taking responsibility of all circumstances surrounding it. Always take responsibility of your actions and circumstances that surround your goals and dreams.

3. Be flexible:

Being flexible can help you to be productive and efficient in the future. It will stop you from being rigid and static and it will help you to be flexible to all circumstances that surround your goals and dreams.

4. Be honest:

Be honest with yourself and other people. Honesty always helps to achieve the goals and dreams you have. Honesty also helps you to achieve your dreams and goals.

5. Be creative:

Never stop trying to come up with ways to achieve the goals and dreams you have. It will help you to overcome your shyness and will help you to have a good character.

Good Character is important for Dream Life:

Having a good character is very important to have vision for your dream life. It will help you achieve your goals and dreams. It will help you deal with all situations surrounding the goals and dreams that you have. It will help you to be more productive and efficient in the future. Having a good character will help you to be more optimistic and optimistic helps you to deal with all circumstances surrounding your dreams and goals.


Being honest with yourself will help you to be more flexible to all circumstances surrounding your goals and dreams. Being flexible helps you to be flexible to all circumstances surrounding your dreams and goals.

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May 7, 2021

Essay on Corporate Governance Reforms for Problems and Growth in Indian Economy

Various Current Issues of Indian Economy:

Indian economy encounters various issues like unequal circulation of wide range, joblessness due to lack of proficient labor force, non-recovery of small business loan, and rupee dropping as a result of reduced export and also trade battle at the globe level. This situation has been exacerbated by the global recession and recession in the USA that has hit the industrial sector hard.

The present scenario is not sustainable. It is highly dangerous for the Indian economy. An aggressive growth strategy is needed to overcome these problems. A strategy to grow by 5-8 percent in the medium term could be effective.

Please Check and recheck data from other sources.

 Essay on Corporate Governance Reforms for Problems and Growth in Indian Economy

Low Rural Purchasing Power needs to be raised:

1. Raise the purchasing power of the peasantry. The value of agricultural produce in today's market is negligible. The minimum purchase power is Rs 10,000 per annum. In terms of rural purchasing power, the present value of this purchasing power is estimated to be about Rs 2 lakh crore. This figure needs to be raised to achieve sustainable growth by 2020. This will be done by hiking the price of vegetables, fruits, tea, wheat, and fertilizer at the world market. In addition, there is scope to introduce price regulation as a strategy. The present government has introduced new policies like Buy national Food Security Program, National Food Security Act, and National Agriculture Growth Mission.

Purchasing Power of Industrialists:

2. Raise the purchasing power of the industrialists. The minimum purchase power of industrialists is about Rs 35 lakh crore. This amount can be increased by introducing policies like the Corporate Social Responsibility Act, Income Tax Reforms, National Integration Board, and Corporate Apprenticeship Act. Also, an integrated corporate structure for maximum corporate social responsibility can be done.

Private investment to be Encouraged:

3. Encourage private investment. At present, only 20 percent of corporate profits go for R&D and about 80 percent go for buybacks. This ratio needs to be changed. One option is to move towards a market economy whereby corporate buybacks will still account for a significant proportion of corporate profits. This would also boost employment in terms of employment for those employed in corporate buyback schemes and apprenticeships. Also, corporate profits that have to be invested in buybacks should be tax-efficient.

Taxation Reform:

4. The present regime of personal income tax is progressive and has a lower rate for the higher income bracket and a higher rate for the lower income bracket. A very regressive tax regime. The rate of corporate tax is quite regressive also. An alternative will be to move towards value added tax. The income tax regime is already a bit regressive. The present government has introduced two other regressive taxes. These taxes are energy tax and carbon emissions tax. These taxes are regressive tax regimes and it should be encouraged that corporations pay these taxes through enhanced taxation.

Corporate Governance reform:

5. Some of the reforms are corporate governance reforms, environmental reforms, labor reforms, procurement reforms, and financial reforms. Integrated corporate governance can be done by the incorporation of corporate governance structures (corporate governance reforms). The corporate structures can be brought under a corporate agreement (corporate governance reforms) or a board of directors (environment).

Procurement Reform:

Corporate practices that should be encouraged are changes in the procurement regime and procurement reforms. Also, some of the procurement practices that are now carried out by corporates can be encouraged like market evaluation of selected products/services.

In the procurement reform, it is proposed to change the criteria for procurement from discretionary to mandatory, which will give more freedom to the procurement manager to choose products/services based on the market conditions. In this way, market failures can be encouraged and the consumer will be happy. Also, some of the procurement practices that are now carried out by the corporates should be encouraged such as stock management. ( procurement reform).

Labour Reform :

Corporations should be encouraged to adopt labour reform to ensure a better quality of labour. Some of the labour reforms that can be encouraged are: the creation of a new department of Labour Management and enhancement of the role of the labour commissioner.

What is Embrace Reform?

Embrace reform is to change the management practices of corporations. Also, some of the corporate practices should be encouraged. They are changes in the procurement regime, procurement reforms, and labour reforms.

With Embrace Reform the procurement manager will have more scope to choose products/services based on market conditions. Some of the procurement practices that are now carried out by the corporates can be encouraged such as stock management and appraisal of selected products/services.

Embrace reforms are to change the procurement regime. Also, some of the practices of the procurement manager can be encouraged to ensure that no waste is leftover from selected product procurement.

Corporation Reform:

Corporation reform is to change the management practices of corporations. Also, some of the practices of the corporations can be encouraged to ensure that stock management is ensured. Also, some of the procurement practices that are now carried out by the corporates can be encouraged as they will be carried out according to market requirements.

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May 6, 2021

Essay on Labour Day for Students and Children For Class 6 to 10

Labour Day:

In India Labour Day or May Day was begun to well known first in Chennai on May 1, 1923. The Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan initiated this. The leader of the celebration, Comrade Singaravelar organized 2 conferences to celebrate this event.

How May Day Started in India:

In Chennai on May 1st, he organized the meeting at Madhu Menon Temple and in Chennai on May 2nd the same year the party celebrated the festival at the temple again. Since then it has been celebrated in Tamil Nadu and Kerala on May Day. Since this time is an important day for the labour unions and the labour movement, some workers started the festival with an ideological background. This day is also a holiday to celebrate their achievements and the birthdays. The labour unions have decided to start this day with activities. As this is a working day in their organisation, some groups of workers started with activities like distribution of gifts, cake, balloons etc.

Essay on Labour Day for Students and Children For Class 6 to 10

Labour Unions are the first ones to commemorate labour days. The general population celebrate birthdays and labour day. They always celebrate some religious festivals like Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day.

Other County's important Days in May:

In England, there is also an important day that they celebrate in their Mother's day, on the 21st of May is a day of celebrating special people. In France, there is no official holiday that they celebrate, there is no need to pay tribute to this day. In Spain, on this day, they observe the "La Gran Feria" or the "Great Day" like in North America.

How Labour Day Celebrated:

Labour unions organize their festivals and many other activities. Workers go all out in their efforts to show appreciation for their workers. They make a strong effort to recognize their efforts and their work. In India, the workers are more conscious about their workers and always send flowers, cakes, sweets, greeting cards and other things on this day. It is an important day to make the workers happy. So, in order to celebrate the working day, the workers try to give back to the workers. They also buy presents for their employees. It is the best gift they can give. It is a great way to show their appreciation for the hard work they do. This day is celebrated by the workers to express their appreciation.

Responsibility of Pleasant Workplace is Important:

Let us continue to be responsible and know what we are doing. We should always be concerned about the working environment and we should not forget the responsibility we have to the work we do. It is up to us to make our workplace a pleasant place to work. So, don't forget to be responsible!

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History of Labour Laws

It took away the power of a worker to stand up, demand better conditions, or even to demand a fair share of the profit.

Farmers were innocent:

Workers didn't know what to do and because they were farmers they had to do the work of the industrialists. This worked until one day they started to realize they were the ones who had to pay for these big factories. There were lots of protests and strikes and workers tried to fight back. The strike only ended when the great unions were organized and workers fought to defend their rights.

Industrialists fought back with the new law:

The Industrialists fought back with new laws and they had a lot of workers locked up. On the other hand the labor unions had many locked up. They just locked them up. They didn't stop the attacks. But they made it clear that unless something was done, there would be massive unemployment. That was the start of the era of Labour Laws.

They were passed just to lock workers up. They didn't stop it. And they were not the best way to deal with it.

Workers failed to fight back:

Labour Laws were passed and the workers couldn't fight back because they were all locked up. They didn't have a voice in legislature. Labor unions were not strong then. Many had been organized in the early 1900s by big business.

Advantage of Industrialist:

That meant that a big industrialist was able to hire the best union organizers and get away with things that they wouldn't be able to get away with now.

How Workers Took Action:

They can not hire the best union organizers. All the workers would have to be organized all at once. There would be no one to stop them.

Labour unions were organized. The laws that were passed were passed before they were strong enough to fight back. In the early 1900s laws were passed before workers had been organized. They were able to make a lot of laws to make things easier for the industrialists. There was no unionism then.

These laws were passed in the early 1900s were designed for the industrialists. The laws were written before unions were strong enough to fight back. It's not fair. It's not right. There was no unionism back then.

How do we make changes? How do we get rid of Labour Laws? How do we make a society for the majority?

We could start out at the top of the ladder. There are more than enough people who have been locked up. Why not go to the top of the ladder and make a society for the working class. Everyone would be locked up, no one would be able to get away with things. Everyone would be able to fight back. How do we make this happen? There is no way that it can't.

How to stop passing the Law:

So stop passing these laws and work on changing the society to have a world of equality and justice. The working class can have a society for them, not one where everyone is in chains. There is no other choice. We can't leave it up to some who are unable to see the future. We need to begin on the top of the ladder now. Take this to the top of the ladder, the working class. Everyone locked up and no one able to fight back. The working class can have a society for them. It's an impossible scenario.

Justice and Equality:

If we were able to work on changing society in the early 1900s the majority of humanity could have a world of equality and justice. This is not impossible. We have come so far in 50 years. All that is required is a group of people capable of seeing the future.

A Group of people capable of fighting back.

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May 5, 2021

Essay on Thermal Power Station of Kiawah Island

  What is the relationship between the power station in Kiawah island, Hawaii and the Kelvin scale? How does the change of energy temperature make the energy efficient? We are trying to explain it.

The change of energy temperature is used to change the energy form from a higher temperature to a lower temperature.

Technology Used in Kiawah Power Station:

The power station in Kiawah island, Hawaii operates using thermal power conversion technology. This power station is run by using water to make steam.  The steam passes through turbines like a conventional power station. Instead of gas, the steam is made from the lake.  The lake contains the nuclear waste. The thermal conversion technology uses saltwater to produce steam to drive turbines. This form of thermal power conversion is very efficient and produces less pollution than other forms of thermal power conversion.

Waste Management at Kiawah:

Essay on Thermal Power Station of Kiawah Island

The amount of waste produced by this power station can be measured by the type of nozzles used by the thermal power conversion system. A "bubble" is formed when the lake water is condensed by the heat and passes through the nozzles in the middle.  That is how the Kiawah power station can produce up to 90% less radioactive waste than traditional thermal power plants. The amount of radioactive waste produced by the conventional thermal power plants is about 10 times higher than that produced by this power station. This waste can be stored in 6 concrete casks at the power station.

Method of Electricity Generation at Kiawah Island:

There are two underground salt mines in the area where the lake water is extracted and used to make steam that powers the turbines. This process also produces waste, this waste is then stored in storage tanks at the power station. This power station also has a compact design and is connected to the mainland by a 30-meter tunnel. The electricity generated by the thermal power station covers up to 70% of the needs of the electrical needs of Kiawah island.

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May 4, 2021

How do I send a condolence message to my Bohra friend on his mother's demise?

Respectful Way for Condolense:

One can use "Personal letters" or send a text message to his mother and ask for her support to attend the cremation of her son's body. These are respectful ways to say goodbye to a departed one.

Appropriate Way at any Age:

Through letters say goodbye in a special way and convey sentiments of sadness without intruding on the reality of the event. These are very appropriate at any age and in different ways. Some parents ask their children to send a poem or a short message saying that they will pray for them. A love letter also says that the sender will send flowers and condolences to the bereaved relatives and send love to the happy ones as well.

Short Test Message at right time do a lot:

How do I send a condolence message to my Bohra friend on his mother's demise?

A short text message can be sent to a "sister" or a close friend, which simply says that the user is thinking of the person and thanks to her for her support.

Cremations are very sorrowful ceremonies. They are so private and unique. After a cremation, the cremated remains are taken to a place of reflection called a mausoleum. The family and friends gather to pay homage to the departed one and to welcome the new one. In some parts of the world, the mausoleum is built of large white marble blocks. In other places, the ashes are scattered with a casket which is decorated with flowers. Sometimes, flowers are placed in the deceased's favorite spot. Mausoleum

As the centuries pass by, the customs of the funeral and the rites of the funeral change. Cremation is now considered as a final farewell to a person. These changes are usually instigated by the rise of new religions and the need to reach for higher spiritual values.

A custom of sending farewell messages to departed ones through song and dance usually accompanies a cremation. This has become a favorite custom of younger people who feel that the music and dance will keep the spirit of the departed alive in the living world. However, these messages also remind people that cremation is an irreversible act. After cremation, the cremated remains go to a new resting place called a mausoleum. The song and dance which are part of this rite of passage also tell people to keep the memory of their departed ones alive in their souls. These song and dance rituals have a magical function because they help people to connect with their departed ones while allowing them to go to a place of rest and silence. They allow the departed ones to rest in peace.

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May 1, 2021

Essay on Mainstream Media - Social Media or Sponsored Media


The media working in the interest of the majority citizens of a country is called mainstream media. Because citizen in true sense is the stream working with a common interest of a nation and dedicated for the growth of the nation. The commitment of maximum citizens is for the welfare of the people and their country.

Individually sponsored media can never work for the interest of citizens unless it is ethically filled with nationhood, emotion, honesty, brotherhood. He must be connected with the betterment of a country he should own the responsibility of doing an extra bit of thing for his country.

What is the mainstream media of a country? What role does it play?

Essay: Which is Mainstream Media - Social Media or Sponsored Media

The mainstream media or MSM, to give it its full name, means the media of a country. It is the mass media outlets, which are the most popular among their countrymen and women, that share the common views and opinions and, consequently, provide the majority of the information that they get on a daily basis from their families, friends, colleagues, neighbors and everybody else. But it is also responsible for propagating certain ideas, that might be different from the mainstream or the most commonly held ideas. Sometimes these ideas or perspectives are rejected, ridiculed, or questioned; and this is understandable. After all, most of the time our views and opinions are different from what we hear or see everywhere else. It is therefore important to make sure that the ideas we hold are good and supported. So we check the claims we receive and make sure that they are supported and correct.

The role of the MSM or Mainstream Media can be divided into two parts; namely reporting and opinions.


Reporting can be defined as the analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of current events, the reporting of the facts, the news, or the news item according to what the reporter believes to be the right or just thing to do, the right or just thing to say.


Opinions can also be defined as the expression of thoughts, feelings, ideas and principles and can vary from person to person.

The roles are different:

The MSM is no exception and thus the role of the Reporter and the Opinionator are two different roles; just like the MSM as well.

Reporters convey the ground report:

The Reporter has to convey what they feel, think and believe. It is their responsibility to convey the news. The Reporter will report the news to the audience. The audience should decide if it is the right thing to know. It is their right to decide.

Opinionator conveys the news with a different opinion:

But the Opinionator also has to do their job to convey the news to the audience and for the audience to decide if it is the right thing to know.

Mainstream Media sometimes spread hate and ignorance:

The MSM or Mainstream Media is as well not without fault or errors. It is often criticized for being the vehicle for spreading hate and ignorance. The MSM has had a negative impact on society. The mass media, to be accurate, should try to contribute to a better society. By its very nature, the MSM usually contributes to hatred, ignorance and bad science.

So the role of the Reporter and the Opinionator also is two different roles and in a way, it is almost like a double role.


In conclusion, it may be noted that the Reporter should strive to help society improve and should always try to communicate the news in a better way. In a way, the Reporter has a social responsibility.

What is Godi Media

A media working in the interest of the ruling party and not for the interest of citizens (by sitting in the lap of a government) is called Godi Media. Godi is a Hindi Word -गोदी

Mainstream media Example

BBC News, CNN, NDTV,AlJajeera, Gulf News etc

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Apr 29, 2021

My Self in English 20 Lines Essay

The fact that you are writing implies you have some issues to face and solve. Writing about yourself might be more beneficial than listening to a self-help CD.

Essay 1:

Myself in English 20 Lines for class 3

  • Many times I can't change myself, but I can change my behavior.
  • I can change the way I behave that attracts others.
  • When we behave differently, other people behave differently towards us.
  • If I want others to treat me differently than I treat myself then I have to change the way treat others.
  • In the process I will improve my behavior and attract others to behave better.
  • As a result, the positive aspects in my life will improve as well.
  • Self-esteem has to be addressed at the same time as our behavior.
  • When I treat myself better than I treat others, that implies I don't have self-esteem.
  • According to my perception, it affects our behavior.
  • That's why a lot of self-help and motivational works don't work.
  • Because the behavior I have to change is the behavior I want to attract.
  • My perception of myself affects the way I behave, yet I have to change the way I behave.
  • As per my experience you may start by noting down your good traits.
  • A helpful suggestion is to write down how you are useful, responsible, kind, considerate, trustworthy, honorable, and etc.
  • You can then keep a track of all the good qualities you have and use them whenever it is convenient for you.
  • One suggestion is to keep a notebook that you use for this purpose.
  • This notebook will help you analyze yourself , develop your perception and also help you develop your behavior.
  • If you notice that you have too many bad qualities in your notebook then you may have to add new qualities to your notebook.
  • You may continue by looking for more aspects in your character that you like.
  • After developing and maintaining your perception of yourself for a while you will notice that there is a gap between your perception and your reality.
My Self in English 20 Lines Essay for class 2
Essay 2:

Myself in English 10 Lines For Class 3

  • I realised myself that I am shy at parties.
  • I need to overcome that.
  • I tried myself and find the ways on how to overcome this aspect of my character.
  • I set the goals and I overcome that behavior.
  • So it is my advice for anyone who has set goals and created vision of what he want to achieve in the long run, He will find his path to overcome his shyness.
  • I find certain targets are difficult , I modified the targets in the way I perceive it to be correct and achievable in long run.
  • I always talk with the people around me to make necessary correction in my plan. It also help to understand unrealistic goals.
  • I work hard to build and strengthen my character.
  • In this way I can make more effective steps.
  • I tried hard to take proper measures in my life to overcome hardship.
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