Terms of Publishing

  • The essay must be original. That means it must not be submitted to any other website or blog. The information may be taken from the internet , but content must be in original. Also it must not be taken from any book, paper, magazine etc.
  • The essay content must not defame any public body, government or a person etc.
  • Length of Essay should be minimum of 200 words or more.
  • The personal attacking sentences will not be published.
  • If any infringement happen against submitted essay then it will be removed from this site.
  • Essay submitter must give correct mail if not the essay may not be published. If published then it will be edited.
  • This site is helping you all tremendously so make it right place for you and your son/daughter to strengthen their writing strength.
  • Nobody is 100% correct in writing  therefore after writing you are suggested to read it twice or thrice to check spelling error  or grammatical error if any.  
  • Student or any professional writer can give the standard of essay, e.g. For Class 7 or Std 7 etc.
  • Don't hesitate otherwise this hesitation will be carried over whole life and put a barrier of your thought to become public; that thought can add to the value of writing and boost to produce a writer for our society.
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