Jul 22, 2011

Essay On Television | Essay On Effect Of Television | Television Essay

A word about Essay on Television:

Writing essay on television- I just want to say few words. The essay on television will be first written as general view. After that specific view will be given by writing verities of essays on television. These will be published soon.


Since the inception the television, it has greater influence on the society. Its effect will be positive or negative never discussed in media because they are in the business of media. But I will discuss the serious effect of television on the common people and children. It does not mean that the effect is negative only the television has many positive aspects also.

Before TV, it can be considered that printing was the medium considered the main channel to access information and knowledge. In one word television has ramped up the speed of communication of information at global level.

Educational advantages:

The Good Things about Television is that, television can be a very powerful and effective learning tool for children if used wisely. Television has many educational advantages. Television can help young people to discover; where they fit into society. Develop closer relationships with peers and family, and teach them to understand complex social aspects of communication. Educational programs can be utilized to enhance the visualization of imagination of children. The kids can easily learn their mother tongue. The parents need not to teach the very young kid to say papa, mammy, daddy etc etc. All these they can learn from cartoon available on television. We noticed that our kids are acquainted with the social life and usability of our language; that we never taught them. Actually television has reduced this burden from us. We scold our kids from morning to evening not to watch cartoon. But we should be known to this advantage and should allow positively to watch cartoon for limited period of time.

There are few education program launched on television by the government of India to reach into rural India. These programs are available on Gyan Darshan channel of India. About 50 new DTH Live channel will be started by India to create new height in the education system. This will be of its new kind in the world. Resource Times of India

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