Jul 5, 2011

Essay on 'Journey By Bus'

It was a fine day. I decided to spend the evening at Connaught place. The weather for the last few days was very hot. So I did not move out of my house. I got ten rupees from my father. I left my house at 6 pm to catch bus from the Red Fort for Odean.

Scene at Bus Stop: The bus stop is quite near from my house I reached there. It was about 6 pm buses were running crowded because it was the time for offices to close. I stood in a long queue. A number of buses passed us. They did not stop at all. Fortunately there came a bus. The queue moved towards the door of the bus. Though there was plenty of room in the bus, yet some people became restless. They broke the queue. They ran towards the bus out of the queue. A row followed. The conductor asked the people to be orderly as there was enough room in the bus. But there was none to listen to him.

Scene at next bus-stop: The journey was not long. It was quite short. By now our bus had reached the stop at Panth Hospital. Here many people got down, while many others boarded the bus. As usual the bus moved on. An old lady began to feel giddy. She requested a collegiate to giver her seat he was sitting on. The proud student refused flatly. This was bad enough. Ladies should be shown respect. But then young ladies should also be considerate to old and sick men.

Conductor’s Dishonesty: At the Ajmeri gate three passengers got down. They paid the bus fare. The dishonest conductor did not issue tickets to them. I got the chance to rebuke the conductor. I said, “Conductor, you have not given tickets to the villagers”. With these words I rang the bell. The bus stopped. I called the villagers to come back. The conductor was perplexed. Some other people rebuked him for his dishonesty. He felt shame. He issued the tickets at once.

The Destination: The bus was now running in New Delhi. My destination was not very far. At Minto Road the driver applied the brake suddenly. He wanted to avoid a cyclist. All the passengers received a jolt. My head struck against a lady’s who cursed me. I said nothing and kept quite. When the conductor announced ‘Odeon’. I got down.

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