Aug 21, 2011

320 Words Essay on Eid ul Fitr Celebration for Class 5

Eid is one of the biggest clelebration after Ramjan. Namaj is the biggest factor of any celebration. It means muslim always remain stick to the value of Quran. Because Quran is the book which exhibits its supremacy  in writing over other books that came before with other prophets. It is mentioned in Quran that all previous book is now null and void. Supremacy is not created by man but by Almighty Allah Subhan-w-Tala .   Many Muslims often bring prayer rugs to the Mosque on the day of Eid ul-Fitr.

Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of the fasting month of Ramjan. This has to do with the communal aspects of the fast, which expresses many of the basic values of the Muslim community; i.e., empathy for the poor, charity, worship, steadfastness, patience etc. Fasting is also believed by some scholars to extol fundamental distinctions, lauding the power of the spiritual realm, while acknowledging the subordination of the physical realm. It also teaches a Muslim to stay away from worldly desires and to focus entirely on the Almighty Allah Subhan-w-Tala and thank him for his blessings. It is a rejuvenation of the religion and it creates a stronger bond between the Muslim and Almighty Allah Subhan-w-Tala . After the end of Ramadan, is a big celebration of Eid.

Celebration:   On this day every Muslims wears new dress as per their capacity. If some one of their neighbor has no money then they help for buying dress. Many rich Muslim distribute various clothes to the poor. Fitra Jakat is must for every Muslim. Before going to Eid Gah all have to give Jakat and Fitra to the poor. All gathers at Eid Gah to pay Namaj. After paying Namaj they embrace to each other and give Mubarak-Bad . On this day many delicious dishes is the main attraction for specially children.Sewai is the main dish. All Muslim go to the houses of each other and celebrate Sewai dish.

In this year 2016 Eid may fall on 15th  July 2016.

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