Aug 6, 2011

My Aim In Life | Essay On My Aim Of Life

Total - 349 Words (To become an IAS officer)
Introduction :
Everyone of us are very optimistic  from very beginning of our life process. It start from childhood. When one child see another one having something. The first imagination of the child is how to be more strong to have better possession. 

So what to be in your life is very strong aim or thought carried by every child throughout  his starting carrier. This aim will lead him to success and he will be able to fulfill his aim. Achieving is in the blood of human beings on this planet.

The aim of my life :
My aim is to serve the nation. Therefore I want to be an administrator in my life. For example I want to be an IAS officer in my life.

My strength :

One should consider his strength and weakness before he settles the aim of his life. I have analysed both of the sides. The following strengths  run in favor of my aim.
I have very strong position in controlling situation and score well in all subjects particularly in science and mathematics. 

I have potential to score above 95 percent in history and biology. I have strong memory power which make me superior than any competitor. I have great willingness to do wonder for innovating systems, processes and skill. I always think to do think differently for better yield.  I am obsessive of studying for gathering knowledge and for unlocking creative thinking for welfare of our country.  
Overcoming Weakness: Everyone has his own weakness. To embark into a challenging carrier, one has to sort out his weakness and needs to workout to reduce and ultimately nullify weaknesses. I am very much sensitive to the external stimulus. I have to overcome this. We need to work only on those set objective which unlocks our next door. The other tasks and issue must be kept aside. I have to be more extensive on reading the books and magazines. It is most important to read the interviews of previous champions. It boosts our energy to go ahead.

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