Aug 17, 2011

What is Corruption | Corruption India and Anna Hazare | Corruption Essay

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What does Corruption mean in very simple way. Do you know.
Yes see here!
Typical bribery- Corruption.
Misuse of political or administrative power for self gain- Corruption .

Another definition-Violation of Specific non-discrimination norms governing government to access the political process and allocations of the rights and resources.

Who are concerned with corruption- the straight answer is ministers administrators and clerks.
The next question comes is who are they -answer they are human beings.
Why they become corrupt- due to lack of human value ethics.
why they lack in this case- Schools and human society are not giving proper teaching about moral of human ethics.

Oh! my God then what we have doing for years and years is nothing bu was doing break down maintenance of corruption just like breakdown maintenance of electrical circuits.

See this line diagram:
Human beings--Schooling badly--Become Corrupted. 
Anna Hazare is doing great work I am appreciating this because some times breakdown maintenance are required. But he must also see the source of this fault (corruption).

Schools are making self-professional not a national-professional . 

So it is not the mistakes of ministers but the fault of the system which made these ministers. 

This essay will be elaborated in few days.
Next essay about corruption will be published soon. Until then enjoy with these writing.

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