Oct 4, 2011

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How to become master of essay writing? What to  write first and how to start essay? These questions are very commonly felt by everybody while going for essay writing. But if you have got started any how then writing become very simple and easy. Creative writing may have error of grammar but message of contents gets larger respect. First a writer's duty is to start writing good creative contents. Then improve your grammatical errors. A good writer is a a very good observer. So it is very important to observe a subject and its depth. And then try to express in your own way.

 I think it should be named starting trouble of an inexperienced writer. Or you can say that engine of writing is not getting started. So in common sense it can be explained as lack of initiation.
So mind it . It is of utmost important to initiate.Why many could not initiate. It is because he never put his mind to think. 
If he thinks well then he lacks of word power and grammar.
If he also fulfill this then i say he has not an energetic one and lacks enthusiasm.If he yet has this quality then i say he has no purpose of becoming a good writer and he is a lazy man. That's it.
I think what logic I have given here  is correct .
7 check points for a writer.

1. choose subject of the article as per demand of the interest or as per demand of the publishers.
2.Read all available resources about the subject like bookstores, newspapers, libraries and internet sources.These will give you an idea of the subject.3. Authenticate your article's subject matter for its releability by reading  various sources.
4.Decorate your writing.
5. Check whether it is attractive or not.
6. Check grammar and spelling.
7. Arrange its contents if needed for its outcome of the story or message.

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