Oct 11, 2011

298 Words Essay onTime management Strategies andTechniques

Time management strategies are the unique quality of high performing people who apply time management techniques in their own style. This "style" word is told here because of various strategies adopted by the most successful  men on this globe. 
Get Organized - To craft an effective life, begin each day working on whatever makes you the most anxious. Once you've confronted the most difficult work, subsequent activities will seem easy. Work on paper what to do first.
Protect Your Time - Protect the valuable times. Discard which is not in the priority list.  Plan your time. Reserve regular weekly periods for assessing both short- and long-term goals. Schedule time each day to work on your top priorities. 
Set gravitational goals - Most of us are mentally  best in the morning but have less performed at the end of the day. Remain focused on the highly set priority that attract actions automatically.
Achieve through Goal management Goal Focus - motivational emphasis
Work in Priority Order - Use your long term goals to create concrete, short-range actions that will take you in the direction you wish. Rank those steps so that you can work on the most important items first.Set goals and prioritize them.
Use Magical Tools to Get More Out of Your Time - Keep all your appointments, "to do" lists, and work plans in one location. Get a datebook, or a personal digital assistant, and use it without exception. Some of us keep multiple calendars - one for family plans, one for work, etc.,. When multiple systems are used, conflicting dates may be made and other appointments missed completely.

Master the Skills of Time Management
Go with the Flow - natural rhythms, Eastern philosophy
Recover from Bad Time Habits - recovery from underlying psychological problems, e.g. procrastination

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