Nov 28, 2011

Advertise With Us

Presently we can provide this Ad space (300x250 Medium rectangle and 300x600 large banner )  for your Banners or Text Ads. Both ads will be shown on same adspace.
The Adspace position is shown in the Screenshot.

The blog is getting 190000 to 210000 page views monthly.
The data source is Google.

The cost will be on the basis of page views. $0.30 eCPM . ie $ 0.30 for 1000 visits.
That means $15.00 for 50000 page views.
Buy Option 1 : Try for two days for FREE.
Buy Option 2: Pay $ 3.0 for 10000 page views.
Buy Option 3: Pay $15.00 for 50000 page views.
Buy Option 4: Pay $25.00 for 100000 page views.

The price is very competitive as per Google search engine rank of the blog as it is getting first page rank with first one to seventh position in Google SE.

It is ranking at top position  in Google SE for many keywords eg. Health is wealth essay, Courtesy essay, Honest is the best policy essay, Lokpal bill essay. And if "for class" is added then it will get top 1st rank in google Search Engine. 

You can judge by testing many keywords for essay topics. 

So it is a very good opportunity for the quality advertiser to get top rank in google SE at very low cost. 

    1. You need to provide your Ad code. Your e-mail Address, Your name or the name of the person working on behalf of the company, your postal communication address, your website URL.
    2. If your Ad code uses javascript it must load asynchronously.
    3. You need to keep your code light, and efficient for high speed loading to get maximum benefit.
    4.We maintain high ethics in conduct of our business and relationship. So you have to also be ethical in conduct of our business relationship. You cannot show Adult ads on my website. If Adult ads are noticed then you will be liable for that and we can remove your ad anytime without any notice.
    5.You can make payment to my SBI A/C after getting confirmed your ads visibility. I will allow two days visibility of your ads for FREE, so that you can get satisfaction for your money investment.

**So if you are interested then you can write to me at
Azra Ahmad

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