Dec 7, 2011

Hajrat Imam Hussain's Memorable Sacrifice at Karbala Essay|Muharram Essay

Hajarat Imam Hussain (Raji Allah Tala Anho-RATA) was born in 4 Hijri [ 625 AD] in Madina.

The name of father was Hajarat Ali (RATA) and the name of mother was Hajrat Fatma Johra (RATA). The grand father (NANA) was Hajarat Mohammad Sallallaho-Alehi-Wasallam was the originator of Islam. Hajarat Imam Hussain has got learning of rightest ie he will only support and believe right thing irrespective of any external compulsion , assurance , muscle power or any thing. If the most powerful person is imposing wrong thing in today's time then many of us will go with the powerful man keeping our ethical values aside. This is against the human ethics. But today many of us doing the wrong thing. Because of this maximum problem in the society is persisting.

But the honest, bravery and trustworthiness of Hajarat Imam Hussain  was an example in those time.

Now know the real story what happened in Karbala of Iraq. And the fact of Muharram. After the death of Hajarat Amari Mawia, his son Yajeed announced himself as Caliph (Khaleefa -means  administrator) in Rajjab Hijri 60 [ 680 AD] in undemocratic way. Irrespective of administration job Yajeed was fond of dog, monkey, women, wine and song.  Most of the time he remained drunk. He became wine addicted and ill minded because having wine all the time.

All the people of Arab were acquainted with his bad activity. everybody was condemning but nobody was dare to raise head against him because of his oppression. In this situation Hajarat Imam Hussain  strengthen the inner power of people by telling the truth. He told nobody can declare himself administrator without democracy . He also reminded the administrator's character must  be of high moral values. He told that person like Yajeed can never be accepted as administrator (khaleefa) at any cost. Yajeed allowe wine which is completely prohibited by Mohammad Sallallaho Walehi Wasallam as per instruction of almighty Allah ST. If it happen then what will you answer in front of Allah -Subhan-w- Tala. Hajarat Imam Hussain  condemn every wrong habits and working of Yajeed without any fear. He had highest influence on the people of Arab. Due to this Yajeed has got fear and wanted to take Hajarat Imam Hussain  into his confidence by offering greed of many highest posts and money. He wanted that Hajarat Imam Hussain  must accept him as "Khaleefa". If it happen then no barrier will come in the way of Yajeed and all Arab dwellers will accept him as leader ("Khaleefa"). But if Hajarat Imam Hussain would accept the Yajeed leadership then it meant he would accept corruption, oppression, slavery and injustice. This is central theme of Karbala. It is giving the message to whole mankind that it is better to die with bravery than accepting wrong thing which is against Islamic view  or Quran's message of Almighty Allah Subhan -W-Tala. 

Ultimately Yajeed had 33000 army men and it was not possible to get face this army men by the 100 men of Imam Husain. Yajeed showed the inhuman act of brutality against all member of Imam  Hussain. But Imam Hussain  fired the battle of justice and win the faith of all Arab people. It was the biggest bricks for manifesting the foundation of Islam and strengthening the message of Quran and obeying the commandment of Allah SWT. 

This sacrifice was very highest example for all  that "Never accept corruption, oppression, slavery and injustice "  
It may be that you have no power of money , army, muscle but never lean in front of injustice ; which is one of the core message of Quran-E-Paq . 

This story was according to the best knowledge of the writer. If you like this essay of Imam Hussain then comment below.

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