Dec 24, 2011

How the Lokpal will be Setup Essay

This is the latest draft ; which was submitted by UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government on 23 Dec 2011. On these draft basis the bill submitted in Loksabha with few modification on 27 Dec 2011 with the help of open voting in the Lok Sabha the bill was passed. The bill sent to Rajya sabha on the next day to get passed. But UPA has no majority in Rajyasabha that is why the bill could not be passed. What ever may be the case the Congress party have given a transparent way of voting on the bill. It is a great achievement of Indian constitution  and an example of transparency in the system. Read the gist of the draft of the Lokpal.
How the Lokpal will be setup:
*Lokpal chairperson and eight members will be appointed by a selection panel comprising the Prime Minister, 

*Lok Sabha Speaker, Leader of the opposition, Chief Justice of India or a judge nominated by him and an eminent jurist to be nominated by the President.

*The selection panel will get the names of nominees for lokpal from a search committee.

*The term of the Lokpal chairperson and members will be 5 years.

How Lokpal will function:
*After receiving a complaint against any public servant, the Lokpal will decide whether it merits a preliminary inquiry.

*Lokpal's  inquiry wing will submit a report within 60 days on its preliminary inquiry.

*A three member Lokpal bench will then decide whether to ask any probe agency (CBI) to register a case and proceed against the public servant.

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