Jan 7, 2012

Commonwealth Game Scam: An overall view | Essay | Corruption | Controversies

Number of concerns and controversies surfaced before the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India, which received widespread media coverage both in India (the host nation) and internationally.
The Commonwealth Games was severely criticised by several prominent Indian politicians and social activists because billions of dollars have been spent on the sporting event despite the fact that India has one of the world's largest concentration of poor people. Additionally, several other problems related to the 2010 Commonwealth Games have been highlighted by Indian investigative agencies and media outlets; these include — serious corruption by officials of the Games' Organising Committee, delays in the construction of main Games' venues, infrastructural compromise, possibility of a terrorist attack, and exceptionally poor ticket sales before the event.
Scam of Massive Proportions
The commonwealth games 2010 scam was waiting to happen. But the proportion couldn't be guessed even by generous estimates. Rs 36,000 crores or $8 billion scam! Whoa. And this in a country where 400 million live below the official poverty line or simply put, in sub-human conditions. But this was only expected once Suresh Kalmadi was appointed the head of the commonwealth games Organizing Committee. After all, he has a string of achievements to his credit. Some of which include charges of land grab, becoming the chief of Indian Olympics Committee (IOC) using shady means and using the same to stay in that position ever since, siphoning off public funds and many more.

Commonwealth Games Scam List -
*Liquid Soap Dispensers rented for Rs 9,379 a piece or $206! I bet it cleanses the bacteria for ever for this kind of money.

*Operating Expenses escalating from Rs 399 crore in December 2002 to Rs 1,628 crore.

*Medical equipment including tread mills have been bought or rented at 6-7 times their original price.

*Allegations that funds meant for India's most deprived sections - the SC/ST - have been diverted to the games funds. Stealing from the poor to fund the elite's luxuries?
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