Gadget Essay Hints Review Akash Reliance and mazic tablets.

If you are thinking to write about tablet or Gadget essay. Then these data will serv you better to know the product idea. Many of us are very crazy to buy Akash Tablet. As it is very cheap therefore it has become the favourite of the users who can not afford much costly tablets. It is a great product at this price no doubt about this. But if you are a profeshional user like engineers then there is few barrier in buying Akash tablet. What are the parameters which are very important to know for buying these prosucts. Many of us have great interest to see the video of Akash tablet. Here it is showing all round features of Akash tablet in this video. Wath this video here.

So here it is.
First of all comes Speed, screen area, touch sensability, 3G ,keypad, battery Ah.
These are very important parameters for product quality of a tablet. In these parameters Akash has only one positive thing that is screen area . Mind it . I am reviewing it for profesionals here. All other above parameters are not fulfilled by Akash tablet.
See the specification of very common tablets.
What the Ubislate challenges
Android v2.1; 7-inch resistive display; 1 GHz processor; 512 MB RAM; 8GB memory; Wi-Fi; In-built battery. Price: Rs.17,999
Android v2.3; 7-inch capacitive display; 800 MHz processor; 512 MB RAM; 8GB memory; 3G, Wi-Fi; 3400 mAh battery. Price: Rs.12,999

Android v2.2; 7-inch resistive display; 1 GHz processor; 512 MB RAM; 8GB memory; 3G, Wi-Fi; 2200 mAh battery. Price: Rs.9,999
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