Jan 20, 2012

What will you do if you find a 100 Rupee note Lying on the Road.

First of all I will see around the person around me to ask whether a question. I will ask that “ Have you lost something”. According to his answer I will judge whether this money is his or not. It is because people generally are greedy in today’s time. Therefore I will be very tricky to judge the right loser of the note. If I will not find correct loser. Then I will approach to surrounding area and leave a message of the lost thing. I will not disclose about the note to anybody. I will say it as “something”. I will also give my contact number to them. After that I will wait for at least 7 days. If I does not find loser. Then I will find most needy poor student. And I will give this hole money to him. You will ask why not I am having a part of it. My answer is that as I have not earned this money therefore it is illegal earning as per Islamic law. I can not use this money for me. If I am not finding a needy person then I will give it to a social Hope school or any social charity. This is my only thinking about this money. I think it as test of Almighty Allah Subhan-W-Tala against me. So I have to have my control on my greed. I also say this to my parent. May be they can help me about this.

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