Feb 5, 2012

Essay on Prophet Mohammad Sall-Allaho-Alehi-W-Sallam (SAAS),

To write about Hajrat Prophet Mohammad (SAAS) or about Islam is very tough . However I am trying to write as per my best knowledge which I achieved from many books and lectures of great Islamic orator. Please forgive me if any thing go wrong and I pray to Almighty Allah-Subhan-W-Tala (ASWT) to forgive me for my mistake if any. I want suggestive correction as comments if any mistake happen in this essay. I request to the reader; who know and understand Islam better than me to post his comments or submit his suggestion through the "Publish Your Essay" form .

Hajrat Prophet Mohammad the last messenger of Almighty Allah-Subhan-W-Tala (ASWT) gave the greatest messages in a very realistic book; Quran  to the whole human kind on this globe. Prophet Mohammad Sall-Allaho-Alehi-W-Sallam (SAAS) was born on 12 Rabil-Ul-Awwal of Islamic calender (in 570 BC). I have not mentioned the year because Hijri the Islamic calender was come into effect at the time of Hijrat of Prophet Mohammad from Macca to Madina. Mother's name is Aminah and Father's name is Abdullah.

Hajrat Prophet Mohammad (SAAS) was the last messenger of Almighty Allah-Subhan-W-Tala (ASWT ) on this globe.This book is not for only Islamic followers but it is for whole humanity. Quran is the only book on this globe which gives  maximum explanation about all important messengers on this earth. Many non-Islamic people knows that Islam is only for Muslims and Quran is a written book by some one. Actually many of Muslims also do not know how the Holy Quran came into existence.   Also many non Muslims knows that Islam came with advent of Prophet Mohammad (SAAS) ; Which is because of their limited knowledg about Islam or some Muslim told them the Islamic advent in a wrong way. Islam came to existence before  the existence of the whole universe.  Allah-Subhan-W-Tala (ASWT ) send the NOOR ; [Prophet Mohammad (SAAS)] before any thing else in this universe. But physically his birth is on 12th Rabi-Ul-Auwal. For understanding the the advent of Islam , it is the upcoming of Hajrat Adam Alehisslam on the earth. He was the first messenger and Hajrat Prophet Mohammad (SAAS) was the last messenger.

At the age of 40 Hajrat Prophet Mohammad (SAAS) achived the Nabuwat.   For 13 years of his Nabuwat was spread in Macca and the rest 10 years of Nabuwat passed in Madina.

How the Quran came- The Aayats of Quran came to us through the sacred tilawat (speech) of  Hajrat Prophet Mohammad (SAAS)  infront of Sahabas . Hajrat Prophet Mohammad (SAAS) used to say the Aayat of Quran and the Sahabas were writing instantly. After writing it was checked and rechecked by Hajrat Prophet Mohammad (SAAS) many times by saying again and again those Aayat. This book is the only Holy book which is untemperred. That means it is absolutely in original form. It is because Almighty Allah-Subhan-W-Tala (ASWT )  already told that he has taken the responsibility of Quran to preserve it till Qayamat.
I am requesting readers to add something esxtra by commenting if you know about Sarware-Qaaynat Prophet Mohammad (SAAS).

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