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Apr 4, 2012

Autobiography of School Bus Essay for Class 2,3,4,5 | In English

School bus autobiography is such an essay topic; which is in big demand. I also noticed that many students of class 2, 3 etc. are searching this topic in search engines. Now read the essay.

I am a new Bus. I came to this school (St. Peter's School) a day ago and from the very time; I am carrying the weight of these naughty children. It is very boring to get ready early in the morning every day. I have become very much upset from these children; who hit me by their leg at the time of getting on me. I hate them, each and every one of them. They never think about my feeling. Sometimes I feel happy when they treat me well and they care about me. Driver's habit is not good. He doesn’t clean me every day. Water bath for last five year is become a dream for me.  My driver is  such a silly creatures that he does not understand me. When I remain not in mood of starting, he thinks that there is a fault inside the engine. But the fault is in his mind. Actually I don't want to move sometimes, that is why I don't want to start. He does not understand that I am not responding to the cranking key. Unnecessarily he puzzles himself. 

Daily work and no rest made me fatigue. I want to get rid of children and their school. I want to go on a new road. City rout is become very boring for me. I have to stop usually and frequently on city road at small distances. Now I want to go on my full speed on highway. So I decided to leave school. 

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  1. Bus autobiography is not a positive thought....not satisfied


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