Feb 18, 2013

No Pain No Gain Essay for Class 11

Nobody likes pain. Gain is the unwanted wish of human behavior.

But conceptions and success of competitive professional  signals that the reward of hard pain results promising gain . Actually God has not gifted our life to feel of always gain sensation, But to distinguish gain with respect to pain with pertinent life test. Pain actually sets the scale of  gain. I am prophesying it because of this case- One drinker’s wife only wants to distant her husband from wine. She takes it as gain. But in real sense she is not gaining but getting  positive improvement of her more negative pain . 

Big success in examination comes after huge painful preparation. And bigger success in one's life put into huge pain. That is why it is commonly said by many people while advising that "no pain no gain" -choice is yours. 

Sports persons undergoes large painful course of preparation to get top position at national level or international level. The scale of pain is decided by target sets by the sports men. If one wants second position in an event then he has to take fewer pain than topper. Life's growth depends upon pain absorbing capability of a person. 

I am telling one real small story - One person went for a health check up. This is the real event I noticed in my life. I personally have talked with that person (Name is hidden). Doctor told him that he (the patient) had high sugar (diabetes). Therefore doctor prescribed him few medicines. The person immediately asked doctor to let him try with exercise. Is not be a good idea. Doctor told you also need to have these medicines regularly. The person made a determination in his mind. He daily woke up at 4.30 AM and he used to walk for one and half hour daily for same period in evening also. He completely changed his eating habit. One thing also to be noticed (this is my personal experience). Lazy men eat more than a fit man. After two months that person completely won on his diabetic level. Doctor asked him that had he taken medicines he told no. The person told about his lifestyle. Doctor happily expressed his view and told -NO PAIN NO GAIN. Hands up for you. Doctor also congratulated him for pain behind this gain.

If one wants to know the real pain behind a success story of world's bigger entrepreneur , then one must read the autobiography of these biggies. Professional dealing had scaled them at higher and gave them  fanciful return in their lives at the cost of higher business dealing pain. 

The freedom struggle for Indian had a large list of sacrifice many are told but more than that are untold. The cost of freedom put in big pain to our respected freedom fighters. Many of them were leading very nice and prosperous life. But they had bought this pain to gift us to enjoy the taste of freedom.  We must  worship their sacrifice  for our whole lives.

Here this essay NO PAIN NO GAIN is promising to entertain us with  a lot of inner belief and perception. 

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