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May 3, 2013

Rash Driving A Danger Essay for Class 9

Rash Driving 650 words:Rash means reckless or without sense . Here rash driving means careless driving, i.e. driving without keeping or thinking safety of driving. It is the zeal, zest, spark, smartness and new blood of youth that raises the dangerous spirit of rash driving. By grace of more money in public hand , it is wasted idiotically  by driving carelessly.  It is one example of running behind adventurous happiness. Many people feel satisfaction and happiness in adventure. But if we investigate the road accident records, we will find that about 70%(myself assessment) of them occurred due to rash driving or careless driving. If you read this ( ,then it had been found that India tops the list of road accident among southeast Asean countries.This is becoming more dangerous offence in many country.  A lot of stringent laws are imposed but rash driving is still not in full control. More lives are being lost in accidents. Driving become reckless when vehicle attains above normal safe limit of speed. At this speed the driver's full controls are lost and any few mistake results an accidents. It has been studied that it is the state of minds when driver takes more risks and enjoy the risk. At the same time either he enjoy the thrill of the speed or he wants to show his superiority to other. There are some type of bikers or car drivers who do not bear anyone to surpass them. Their gesture can be gauged very quickly on the road. They show disposition of aggressive driving despite safe driving.  It is pertinent to say that these type of people has a disease of risk taking enjoyment. It has also been noticed that the youths are the role model of this disease. It also can not be ignored that Film Industries are producing the culture of speed thrills. Few stars have shown running bike at the speed 300 km/hr. This speed is being tested 
attained by many bikers 
Speed thrill has become a very common events specially among bikers. 
Sometimes speed is required for bringing patients to the hospital. This is for for purpose of urgency usually carried out by matured driver. Maturity execution always results expected outcome whereas immaturity produces always unhealthy commons. 

Responsibility of the parents or Guardian - we all know that experience and maturity play vital role in shaping way of good lifestyle and safe driving. Therefore it is the utmost duty of experienced one to teach the inexperienced about safe driving and proven lifestyle. Despite various damaging trend of road accidents rash drivers is still doing hell  on the road. Many of rash drivers even don't know the Traffic rules. 
I am sharing one event that happened just in front me while returning from my office. Two boys of about 19 years was driving on the same road on which I was also driving. It was end of the office time therefore many service men were returning to their home. Suddenly we saw that the rash driver young boy was showing to us his skill by by bending and driving the bike in zigzag manner. After a moment the boy collided with another bike side way and fell down dangerously. heavy blood were throwing out from his body, but no gentlemen were showing pity on them because of their rash driving. The two boy were looking every man and asking for help but many of public were teasing them by saying that "Are you a superstar or a Bollywood actor".  They were also explaining that "It is the right thing happened to you, You are safe , but remember this event in your life to not to repeat it again to get you in the mouth of death". I really laughed and thought that this type of rash driver are begging for help after an accident and no one are showing a little bit concern for them.


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