Jun 24, 2013

725 Words Essay on Rainy Season for class 10

Introduction : Rainy season is God's beautiful plan to keep existence of life on the earth. According to scientific theory seasonal change is due to earth's rotation. But earth's rotation is as per God's permission. May be many  are not agree with this touchy relation. But these types of people cry at the time of natural attack of flood and weep at thirsty condition. So rain is the essence of life of whole living things. So rainy season is the time of green ground of the earth and clear look of the sky. 

Rainy season a God's Blessing : Atheistic (disbeliever) person have many reason to ignore God, but have narrow sense of perception about God's activities. Out of many lessons of various religious books , rain exclusively mentioned in Quran (Surah Rahman) that how will you deny rain (out of many things of God's activities)  which I shower and produce new plants on the earth surface. How will it be if I stop rain drops. Rainy season a blessing of God is sufficient to prove the presence of God. Also it must be imbued in us that God is on and smartly controlling holistically all the events of whole universe. He gives the same raindrops to various plants to produce varieties of  plant products. Is it not the miracle of the God. Theist (Believer) people know the fact and messenger of Gods knew all secrets of the life because God gave them the power of knowing the facts. 
Rainy season a God's Curse: The rainy season becomes curse if rain water's holistic strength comes into action thereby causing vast devastation. It is seen recently in Utterakhand district of Utter Pradesh that when God execute any thing then it becomes at very large scale. At this situation human beings can prey only to God for relief. I want to draw a little real story of Utterakhand; which has undergone a massive rain attack on June 16, 2013 till June 21,2013. Watch this beautiful photograph of Haridwar. Before June 16, 2013 it was shinning like this. But It was completely ruined by rainy season's larger impact. We have to learn to make nature happy otherwise we have to pay our evil at larger scale. As it can be seen by this picture.

Actually this image is giving an alert message and lesson to us so that we can control our  greedy exploitation of nature. Rainy season is really awaited by farmer for gift of drops of rain for growing grains but the nature was given it as we never expected. This rainy season has become a curse of God. It brought back to us on back foot. We have to make our development process Eco-friendly and sustainable, to check this type of devastating judgement of God. It was negotiated with each other at global platform for many years to live for each other , to pray for each other and to die for each other. But till now nature has not seen this on the ground of reality, that is why, it threw the blow of flood to an unbearable level. 

Rainy Season and natural beauty :  Rainy season brings a lot of beauty with its advent and departure time. It is my best experience when I was sitting near a valley and the field was completely green. It was about rain. There were clouds in the sky that have completely covered the hot blow of sun.I cannot express that feeling in words.I enjoyed the moving cloud and the complete scenarios; when light black clouds were sliding over the green grasses on the face of the valley; was looking extremely beautiful. That I perceived on that day. It was my nicest experience of a rainy season in my life. I waited the ending of the rain on the same day to see the clean sky and clean atmosphere, because I also like the time after rain over. It was a bonus feeling on that day.
Conclusion: The main point is that I actually like rainy season. It brings greenery and coolness. It quench the the hotness of cruel summer season. Therefore it is my favourite season.
Do you have your any nice experience of rainy season. If yes then comment below. How do you rate this essay. Give your feedback and requirement of any improvement.


  1. i loved the essay .i got full marks. this was wonderful.thank uuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    1. Thanks Srutishriya Das for your valuable comments.

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  2. Awesome essay yrr I love this essay chanel❤️❤️❤️❤️🤟🤟🤟


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