Aug 11, 2013

My Dream As a Minister Essay For Class or Std 1

By Azra Ahmad: You can search the meaning in Dream Dictionary e.g Oxford or others to find the great 'meaning of dream'.This essay on minister can also be use for class 2 and 3 . Total words : 282
  • I have a dream of becoming a minister.
  • Nobody wants to become a minister.
  • It is very unfortunate to the future of the nation.
  • Good boy must come forward to choose this as a dream.
  • Good boys had not chosen this profession that is why my country is suffering from badness of corruption and many illegal activities.
  • If M.K.Gandhi and other many great leaders would not come forward then we would still remain in slavery.
  • I like to take the responsible for the welfare of our country.
  • I hate those who only criticise politician.
  • They have not taken the responsibility for serving nation and that is why they should not critics others.
  • Who want to become only doctors and engineers , actually they think to earn money for themselves and sitting in the lawn of his house with a cup of tea with his family and only enjoy his life. 
  • The dream of these types of person is very conservative to discuss about country and minister's activities.
  • Good Ministers are taking great responsibility for serving people.
  • Ministers work hard to gain public vote. 
  • It is not easy as anybody think simply to take in confidence to the mass of people. 
  • It is unfortunate that few ministers have done wrong to the nation.
  • But it is the minister only who can deliver the great policy for the goodness of the nation. 
  • These are the few reasons why I want to become a minister.
  • I want to see my country growing and growing
  • I want to see the golden picture of my country in my future.

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