Sep 29, 2013

Composition on My Father Essay for Class or Grade 7

'My father the hero' is one abstract which usually a son ambitiously feel and try to carry forward the legendary achievements of his father. I tremendously want to live with the 'dream of my father'. My father is a role model for me. It is not because of my relationship. But it is because of his quality, performance and achievements for which he will be a traditional landmarks for his vision , mission and realisation in our future descendant.
About My Father and his Achievement:  My father is an electrical engineer. He graduated from BB College Asansol. After completing Diploma in Electrical Engineering, he did AMIE in Electrical engineering. In his starting carrier he became successful to acquire three government services. During service period he learned AutoCad, Visual Basic, HTML, Javascript and other computer applications programme. He has written in many reputed journals. Except these qualities he is an ideal father in caring family members. He not only proved his excellence , but also paved supporting paths for his brothers and sister. He believes that it is the duty of every family member to support each other so that everyone could be able to retrieve  his crawling life from painful shadow to a happy platform. He believes in working hard and teaches us the benefit of  doing thing with passion for bigger result.

My Father's Style of living: Since 2002 I have never seen my father struggling for managing life activities. It is because he has turned his maximum  routine work of life  into electronic form.  For example he use internet banking for money transfer, Demand Draft making, Mobile ant internet recharging since very beginning of the internet banking service. He manage his document so smartly that any things can be find at fingertips. Paper documents take much time search physically. He maintains a database in MS Access to search any thing in the house. One day washing machine documents were needed after five years. My father told us the location of invoice and we found it within two minutes. He uploaded soft copies of all important documents on the internet. Thus he is saving bank locker service charges. Electronic service is so efficient that he retrieves his any document on his smart mobile of  Samsung Galaxy Note 3 anytime and anywhere. He provided me online smart classes on Meritnation. I am very comfortable with online tution, because it saves very much time and it is tremendously flexible for my time slot.   

Responsibility and family caring: My father take care of all family members and our grand parents with all possible means. My grandmother tell the past story of my father's lifestyle and praise very much. She tells us that she is very much proud of her son. She also narrate that my son knew the financial capacity and family situation of ours and took responsibility to do something better so that we all could prosper in future. The most important thing is that he has succeeded in his vision and brought us to a very respectable position.

Conclusion: I think father is the leadership thinker and performer for the welfare of his family. He is one who chart out the path of success for his son or daughter. His prime objective is to breed the leadership quality in his wards to get on the responsibilities at premature stage. And everybody knows that these qualities comes from hard work to succeed and to achieve more in one's life.

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