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Nov 30, 2013

Biography of Shakuntala Devi the Indian Mathematician Essay

397 Words: Before starting about a mathematician , let us see few mathematicians of India with photos.
Shakuntala Devi  is popularly known as the "Human Computer". She was a child prodigy and vivid mental calculator. Ms Devi had intrinsic quality of mathematical calculation.
Shakuntala Devi was born in a simple Kannad Brahmin family November 4,1929 . Her father's name was Bishawmitra Mani.
Her unique distinctive and divine quality was showing visibility since the age of three. Her father was a circus performer. Her father was rebelled against becoming a temple priest . Ms Devi was also an astrologer and gave remedies purportedly based on date and time of birth. 

  Once she casted a spell by adding 16-digit number with another one and multiplied the result with any of numbers almost instantaneously. After that she found cube root of the the resultant with a speed of electric current. This miracle talent earned her a place in the 1982 edition of 'The Guinness Book of World Records'. She had the ingenious potential to tell the day of the week of any given date in the last century in a jiffy.
Out many example I remember one that took place at Imperial College in  in London where she answered in 28 seconds when she was asked to multiply two 13-digit numbers.

Her father noticed her powerful calculation abilities while Ms. Devi was playing cards with him. She used to beat her father not by sleight of hand but by  memorising the cards. Her father left the circus and took her on road shows that displayed her ability at calculation. The most important thing was that she did this without any formal education.

In 1944, Devi went to London with her father
at the age of 15. She returned to home country India in the mid-1960s. She  married Paritosh Bannerji, an IAS officer from Kolkata. They, however, divorced in 1979.
On November 4, 2013, Devi was honored with a Google Doodle for for her 84th birthday;which she missed to celebrate.

In April 2013, Devi was admitted to a hospital in Bangalore with respiratory problems. Over the following two weeks she suffered from complications of the heart and kidneys. She died in the hospital on April 21, 2013. She was 83 years old. She is survived by her daughter, Anupama Banerji.

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