Dec 27, 2013

Rise in Prices in India For Class 5

Rise in food prices in India has become a big concern for protecting the lives of low income groups. If anyone ask me - "what are the Problems in India?". I think  rise in food price  and food scarcity rank on top of all the major issues. It is because human lives directly depends on food. Food insufficiency always knee-downed the economic stature of India. Large section of low working class people live with uncertainty of not getting daily job.
Thus their daily meals always remain on threat. This panic kills these workers throughout their lives. In addition to this difficulties, rise in food price proves deadly slaughter for these people. It is not a light issue. If the right national level strategy is not adopted then these section of the citizen will deviate from the main stream and that will be a giant danger for the peace, security and harmony. It is to be noted that burning stomach pushes normal behaving person towards animal thinking.

Reason of Food price rise -

Price rise depends upon the failure of a
crop. For example less production of onion
has shaken the congress government of India in late 2013. Nothing can be done with this type of natural imbalance and uncontrolled rain and draught. However inflation can be controlled at certain extent. But It has been noticed that it also passed the tolerable limit many times in the past.
Watch inflation record of India in the past period of time.

History of rise in price( inflation) in Indian -

History of rise in price( inflation) in Indian -In the 62 years since 1950-51 average annual inflation rate as measured by changes in the wholesale price index (WPI) increased at a rate of around 7 per cent per annum. Which is not much high in comparison to global inflation record. Around 3 percent inflation is healthy for healthy economy. So it is hard to judge the tolerable inflation rate.  The reasonable and acceptable range of inflation rate in India lies between 3-7 per cent.

Solution for controlling rise in price:

 *Inflation should be control with financial tools and  by implementing stringent law.
*Food chain must be regulated fully by the government.  The food stocks in cold storage must be made transparent with the help of computerisation.
*The daily vegetable prices must be declared everyday on a government web portal for all including producers , middlemen and end users.
*It is the right time again to adopt strong strategy for green revolution in the five year plan. Planning Commission must make a strong plan to execute the green revolution with the help of hi tech tools and technology to make the transparent vision from top to village level.
* Futures market trading for edible goods must be stopped or to be restructured.

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