Feb 9, 2014

165 Words Essay on Winter Morning for Class 3

Morning of each Season have different look and feel. The scene of  'Winter morning walks'  is very encouraging to rethink about our
Cold Winter Morning
health. Winter morning brings cool natural beauty. It is the perfect time to gossip beside fire. The sunny beam of the winter morning looks very soft. Sometimes fogs are so dense that nothing remains visible at short distance. We should be careful while walking beside the roads. Many road accidents are in the history of winter foggy morning. It is very pleasant for absorbing  sunlight in the winter morning. It gives vitamin D and energy to us. It is very important and healthy to take sunlight at least for 10 minutes a day in winter. It's a doctor's advice.  Watching Puppies are much enthralling in winter morning. The children get up late. Delicious cakes and food are made in winter. Digestive system remains efficient. Days are shorter in winter. It makes very difficult to manage all task timely. Overall a winter morning is enjoyable in many ways.

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