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Mar 5, 2014

My Favourite vegetable Essay For Class / std 2

My favourite vegetable Essay/paragraph.
  • Vegetables is one of the most important menu of food.
  • Doctor always advise us to eat much vegetable as vegetables are the blessing for keeping us protected from diseases. 
  •  My favourite vegetable is spinach.
  • Because it is very tasty to eat.
  • It is eaten  mostly with bread.
  • It becomes very tasty when it is cooked with Brinjal and Potato.
  • This is a grown mostly in Asia.
  • This belongs to Goosefoot family.
  • It can be grown easily.
  • Spinach is called Palak (पालक ) in Hinid, 
  • It looks very green and fresh in the market.
  • Spinach is very rich with Vitamin-A and Vitamin C.
  • 100g of Spinach has Vitamin A -187% , Vitamin C-46 % , Calcium-9% ,  Iron-15% vitamin B6-10%. 
  • It is good for our teeth  and for our eyes .
  • China is the largest producer of spinach as per 2008 data.
  • United States is the second largest producer of spinach.
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