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Apr 8, 2014

Wealth And Happiness Essay for Grade 12

Keywords: Does wealth bring happiness, happiness wealth, what is happiness in a relationship, gospel of wealth.
Wealth and happiness are the two most seriously important aspiration and hungriness of today's time. Wealth is now being considered the concrete means for destiny of happiness. Wealthier person is now rated in the reputed world's magazine. Wealth accumulation is now being taught indirectly in our smart society. As per today's justification, it is evident that happiness cannot be ensured without wealthiness. Wealthier person are being paid due respect in our society irrespective of their bad human qualities and behaviour if  they possess.  Good virtue  still liked by all. That means weighing a human being on wealth scale is wrong. But our society is following the wrong path. This is the highest reason of virtual happiness achieved with the help of wealth.  It  doesn't mean that wealthier people generally have bad qualities. These are the reason of human leniency towards wealth.
Everywhere someone is trying academically for attaining wealth, Someone is trying to monetize himself from share market, someone is trying to become big business men and someone is even adopting illegal way of wealth accumulation. But approximately everybody idiotically is in the business of wealth accumulation. I can say it in Indian way that everybody is in the "dhanda" of getting and accumulating more money. And the real fact is that nobody of this kind is in the mode of true happiness.
The reason is that happiness lies in the contentment of aspirations and God tricks with human beings to not to provide end contentment. And God said that end contentment lies in me not in the materialistic world. IN QURAN Almighty Allah said that he will test human beings in this world with two parameters one is wealth and the other is offspring. He also said that sometime I will mislead human beings by providing more wealth. He also paid an argument that poor will mostly get passed in the test of wealth parameter.  It is for that tricks and reason of God, we all are more attracted towards wealth and unnecessarily, we are unbalancing the globe in terms of wealth possession. This does not mean that God is condemning earning. He is advising if I bless you with wealth then do justice with others and follow our recommendation of helping others more and more and enjoy yourself. Try to achieve happiness in God's way. Because God's way is the correct way.
Few wealthier become confident, proud by watching their mega bank balance and our body language exhibits the money sense and follow offensive living style.
Sometimes it is tested by having a tour of some important location and by testing adventure. In this adventurist tour many have lost their lives also.
*Many times wealth and happiness don't stay simultaneously. There are so many examples. A student has to take a lot of pain for competing for a good job. A business needs lot of hard work for its business gain.
Most of the beautiful women marrying or refer to marry only wealthier person irrespective of their bad look. But they are not exhibiting this virtue on the screen. It is because only good virtue is liked by the society.  They are in fear of getting business loss. 

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