Jun 6, 2014

Essay on Examination For Class or Grade 5

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(454 Words ): Examination is that which filters out the quality from the mass. It is the checkpoint for inserting right bricks in the construction of a strong building. It is the most important part of all facet of life process. the quality of result or outcome depends on the level of the examination.

So reason cited above are the core reason of examination. But examination is always fearful and stressful. Students don't know the question paper. Out of many questions which questions can be expected; is one of the big reason of panic. These curiosity put the students at stressed level before the examination. After examination their mind carry the faults and errors they created in the examination. Every students have the exam panic but the degree of fear and stress is different among them.

 The students having good study and reading habit have less fear with confidence and show off more fear in public. These students are very clever. These type of students are very much strategic in study and have very good time management from very beginning of the session. They listen class speech attentively. They have very good reading habit and they put hard labour and know their responsibility. A little anxiety is very good for these type of students because it boosts performance of these good students. 

 Distracted students are of indiscipline nature. Exam anxiety counts more on them. They have less preparation and their preparation is of shortcut type. This is the main reason why they are very much stressed about expected questions. The fear of failure or poor performance is the vital reason. As parents expects maximum from them that is why they used to assure their parent superficially and falsely.
This again adds up to their panic. Some students fails to come out of exam anxiety and seize up. Due to this they forget their prepared part of the subject. In this way the panic gets multiplied for them. This is very dangerous.

How to get rid from Exam anxiety: It is a proverb that "There is no substitute of hard work." Time management and good reading habits are the key to open the lock of examination success. Now I will define these three parameters. It has been noticed that week students remains relaxed at about half the year and adopt last minute cramming. This shows that they have no potential to do hard work. They like drifting and listen scolding from their parent. They remain unaware of their coarse material and have no plan when to do and what to do in right time. This shows that they don't know time management. Good reading habits mean just read your text books regularly. It create great understanding of the subject and improve language quality. Someone has said that "Books are the great teacher." 

Essay on Examination For Class or Grade 2
*Examination is a part of life.
*There are many types of examisatioi viz oral examination , written examination , service recruitment examination etc.
* Examination brings fear and panic. 
*It puts us in pressure for study.
* sometime we dream about examination .
*Examination's dreams are very terrific and dangerous .
* It brings feeling of competition.
* we feel great happiness after examination.
* Fear of failure seize up poor students.
*High scoring in anexamination raises confidence of good students .
*Good study is never disappointed by the examination.
*Regular study from the beginning is the key for Success.
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