Aug 2, 2014

Autobiography of a Mosquito Net Essay | For Class 8

  (397 woods): I look like fishing net. I have become the most important thing for men at bedtime. Because I provide protection against mosquitoes. Not a single mosquito can cross me. That is why I am the most trustworthy thing at night. I am a sleeping guard for men at night. Can you guess me who am I. I am a mosquito net.

I belonged to a very poor family in "Ara" village. The poor family members couldn't sleep well for a month. They used to guard their lovely daughter against deadly mosquitoes, because these mosquitoes had spread malaria disease in the village. They bought me from the village market. I was excited about my new home. I have got bore with hanging in the market for about a month. The Sun sign had made me weak also. I was waiting for shed and of course a dreamlike home. As I was young, my bright yellow colour was shining and l was looking very attractive. I used to feel superior to anything of the house. The other thing was feeling jealous of me because l have been put more care and treatment by the family members. I was also feeling proud for providing family members great sleep. The little girl was safe from disease. The family members were keeping me in a basket after folding me properly. The basket had less space, but I managed myself everyday because of their love and affection. I was very happy.

Time was elapsing and l was looking older. I was not shining as I used to be at my youth time. I had also got a lot of holes and patches. Therefore chieftain of the family was not happy because my mosquito protecting capacity had decreased. Now they were not treating me well. They were also rubbing me with their leg. I was thrown away in the morning. Family members were abusing me sometime. All these were much painful. Thereafter few months l had not been used. I became a ragged thing for them. They never remembered my past reliable service. They could thank me for my past dedication. But now I am thinking that all their past good treatment was a show-off. If they would be a gentle people then they would exhibit their satisfaction for my long service. My last time was pathetic. I remained at corner of store Room.
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