Sep 5, 2014

When I would be Sixty (60 ) Essay

(710 words): Turning sixty (60) is already a highest gift to everyone who carves his life plan much before and at early time in his life.  As it guarantees the 60 years life span with great return for enjoying the rest life without tension of huge responsibilities towards aligning family's success vehicle. In real sense everybody has future dream of long life span. Therefore much effort are applied to design the imaginary map of peace and happiness of the time after sixty i.e. Retirement life. Therefore roadmaps of destiny are drawn much before to meet these roads on the end goal of life.

The time after sixty is not only full rest period but need certain care and management of health, fitness and finance. People particularly grope for managing financial part thereby uncaring health and fitness. And this leads to failed planning of the retired time.  We usually make us blind in running behind earning avenues. We always must be careful about our lifestyle for our lines after sixty. 

Imagination of turning 60 by a girl

Now I am giving here few tips that are more general for everyone; who dream his life after sixty.

Things to do before turning sixty (60):

* Marry at right age:  Whatever may be the financial condition. This is the God's and nature's rule. Many of you may not agree with this but the end remains successful of these people. Let me explain this. Late time marriage put pressure at the last phase of professional life for setting up carrier of son or daughter. Late time marriage seldom finds bride of matching age. This results in medical disorder in the born child. I personally noticed this in three of my friend's cases. But mind me I am not a doctor. This is my professional experience. A doctor can better explain the case.  Early marriage creates a supporting pillar as son or daughter before sixty. One of my step brothers couldn't succeed in getting a job. Somehow he bought up his family's daily meal. One right decision of marrying at right time taken by him drove his life vehicle successfully as his son stood up and shared his father's burden. His son being young and strong made no late to understand his family economic crisis. He got charged with such a magical energy that he washed away the sorrow of poverty and the family is leading a happy life in all respect.

* Don't be addicted of tobacco, cigarette, wine and gambling. These are life killers.

*Never try to change your surrounds uncontrollable person who is not in your control. Be like water to find your destiny.

* Be digital for managing daily life's activities electronically for saving time.

*Financial planning is one of the very important for peaceful and happy retired life. 40% of total earning must be saved for future. It is better to enhance this %age to 50%. Saving is more important than earning. It is the saving that makes difference in the financial management.

One must think all possible avenues for cost effectiveness. One great tip I am sharing with all that our home is a small industry and each industry needs its regular maintenance. Our house must be equipped with all frequently used maintenance tools. e.g. Pliers , Nose Pliers, Electric tester , test lamp , D-spanner from 8mm to 18mm , Medium pipe wrench, File, Hammer, Screw driver set, Potable electric drill machine etc. These tools save a lot of time and money in our life. Don't hesitate to invest in these tools. Practically these are the need of today's machinery life. Because there are numerous small jobs that cost much more if anybody is dependent on servicemen.

* We must plan for a house. But don't risk your bread and clothes by investing lavishly to your dream home. Many people get mislead after getting a big retirement money and emotionally ruin them.

* Saving must be continued after sixty to encounter inflation. And these are to be reinvested yearly for enhancing monthly income.

* lastly I would suggest that becoming or turning sixty (60) should be treated as an aim of life after starting professional carrier.


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