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Dec 25, 2014

428 Words Essay What I Will Do When I Get 1 Crore Rupee

By Satyam Jha

Money is something that can put a lot of mental pressure if it is fetched with an amount much above normal range of a person.

This is in that sense this question is asked that" what will you do if you become a Millionaire suddenly." This is also a perceptive test for a normal person to bring  out his future ambition. --Read the essay below.

Suppose If, I get one crore then, I will help poor people and, I will buy new clothes for those people who is suffering from cold. I will donate Rs 2 lakh to Ashram and I will spend 30 lakh for studying M.B.B.S. It is because my aim is to become a Doctor. I believe in that "Helping to people is to surviving to god". I will also donate 5 lakhs rupees to Orphanage. Thus around 40 lakhs rupees will be out of my pocket and I will be left with rupees 60 lakhs. I will save it for my future plan. I will be writing about my plan a little bit latter. After  completing  MBBS, I will buy a car not for exercising my enjoyment but I will use it for my targeted business.

I will make a team with orphan children ; whom I donated previously.  with the saved money I will open a simple dispensary to treat poor at very cheap rate. There will be a medical store next to my dispensary. This shop will be run by the orphan children . I will train them for operating computer and particularly train them about the Medical store software that will be  our great tool to succeed in the business. We will keep medicine rate minimum such that we all can carry out our lives with a little future saving. The minimum rate of my visiting fee and medicine will be the main drive of our business. This strategy certainly will work because we will be able to keep smile on the face of poor people as well as we will win the business competition by providing branded medicine at nominal rate. We make daily analysis of my business trends our database will  be created on the basis of people  , medicine disease and profitability. We will generate a daily basis medicine order list to be remain invested at minimum and for effectiveness of medicine.  It is because our target is the smile on the face of poor.  Our prime purpose to help poor will win the race and I will be very happy to see the happy people around me.


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