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Jan 30, 2015

Essay on Poverty For Class 8

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Poverty is a curse to the mankind. This curse is created by us not by an Alien. The reason of poverty is simple. It is because few groups of people cheated other section of the people in the name of intelligence.

 In another word it can be said that few idle and intelligent people  used their potential of mind to control resources including labour resource. These processes in long run resulted such type of society which has high disparity. Democracy has been overruling humanity for many years thereby boosting opportunities only for cleverer and corrupted people. Poor people failed to achieve the education tag due to financial problem. Therefore they fell into the vicious circle of poverty and remained poor permanently generation after generation.

When people cannot afford the basic needs of life such as food, clothing and shelter then this situation of life is called poverty. It is dreadful for them; who are leaving in poverty.

Causes of Poverty : Today the major problem of many countries is poverty. In India there are many people; who are poor. About 32.7% or about 400 million Indian are living below poverty line (based on 2005's Purchasing Power Parity-PPP). One reason of the poverty is that few sections of the society are not fairly paid for their labour. Also many private corporate are exploiting educated person also by maintaining double book of accounts. These companies are biggest example of corruption. The problem is that we all know this even then this type of corruption persists in our system. Also because there is no equal distribution of available opportunities and resources. Reservation in India is continuing on the basis of cast and communities and not on the basis of financial earning of a family.

Few or upper sections of society are paid more than needed. Middlemen are damaging the economy of equal distribution in our country. The rich people are getting richer and poor are becoming poorer day by day. Due to middlemen poor people are not getting their share properly. Poor men deserve more than what they are getting now in the current chain of economy in which middle men are playing big roles. Due lack of transparency major financial part of national plan and program made for poor is diverted into the account of corrupted people. The national parties are taking its commission directly and indirectly from the poor worker in a government job contract.

Conclusion : If a country wants to rise, it must first uplift the lower section of the society by removing poverty. The government must take certain measures to eradicate it. All the government departments must be connected in full phase to enable online services to the people who are able to take the services on internet. If financial institution and public sectors can be computerised then why not government departments. It will automatically solve maximum problems of the poverty. Government should make scholarship program more transparent for poor. There must be a restriction of unauthorised rich participants by banning them with their yearly parental income. The reservation in government services are also to be based not on religion but on the financial income of the family. The financial certification for individual must be made transparent and corruption free. The financial certification must be issued online on the basis of Aadhar card. Therefore a major program to be taken to give 'Aadhar card' to every citizen. All records to be made online and a computer serviceman to be posted in every village from government side to help the poor. It is the only transparency of the government department that can bring goodness in our system.

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Jan 23, 2015

My Hobby Essay Listening Music class 6

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Hobby is the favourite work or choice which borns spontaneously from inside of a person. It is very natural and unbiased from external influence. It attracts us with such an intensity as we  leave other more important tasks. At the end of the day we oath not to repeat same next time.   It make us obsessive to become besotted towards our hobby. Hobby is that which provide peace, happiness and ultimate satisfaction in our life.

Hobbyists should be careful to do their hobby related work in their leisure time only. Otherwise it would be a murderous to darken one's fate. therefore my suggestion is that  one must be able to judge the value of time in various phases of life . It has been noticed that a student destroyed his carrier by devoting fully on his hobby of Guitar playing. Our like and dislike don't  reflect our strength or weakness. There must be a fine balance between our lifestyle and performance.

Music listening is my hobby. Music is a common name that has encapsulated various kind of songs e.g. patriotic song, religious, kawwali Ghajal, Sufi, Hindi Bollywood, Bhojpuri song, classical music, thumari etc. The list is endless . My mother says , when I was at the age of seven years, I was more interested to listen songs. Also I showed reflection of singing ability in those days. Still at this age It fits to my nature . I love to listen song because I feel a sense of accomplishment. I can isolate myself from the crowd and I can pass my time with full entertainment. It gives me new energy. It reduces my stresses. While listening music I feel out of world . I seldom hesitate to spend for my hobby. In past time it was a dream to have a good quality music system for me  . on that time l prmished myself to buy a costly music system when I would get money. Almighty listened my wish and now I am blessed with such a level of earning that I can buy any music system to quench thirst of my hobby.

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Jan 16, 2015

A Paragraph on Your Favourite Advertisement on Television

My favourite advertisement on television is of 'AlpenLibe Pop'. In this advertisement one girl learns her answers of history.

She is very tends because she can not remember the dates of Mughal Kings. Suddenly Babar, Humayun and Akbar appear before her and she got surprised. Babur asked the girl. If she has problem in learning of dates of their events. So to solve her problem, They give her the AlpanLibe Pop and asked her to forgive them for making too much events in their kingship period. They felt guilty for the girls problem.

I like the advertisement because the surprising face action of the girl is very simple and natural. The small story tells the much about the quality of the AlpenLibe pop, becuase the custommers are of the age of students and the story fact is too much appealing for the students. It is because every student faces this type of problem and they imagine if there would be a tablet which could power them to memorise everything by reading once. It appeals much laughter when the girl ask as; Are they on Facebook. They replied that they are only in Textbook. It is very entertaining in laughter sense.

Questin will be like this: Write a paragraph of about 100 to 150 words of your favourite advertisement on Television. ### Here it is of 200 words.
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Jan 11, 2015

Autobiography of Road Essay

I born from idea of movement. As far as I remember I came in existence from stone age. Perhaps people started to think about my name from the English word WAY. When early people moved from one place to another thereby creating a mark; is actually my mother.

My memory is heavy with painful cutting of my body at stone age. During this time people used pack animals like donkeys, horses etc. to carry their load. As I was naked having no chips & Cardium compound covering ; foot strike of pack animals was unbearable. The first vehicle; Travois used to scratch my body as this vehicle being dragged with load and also these vehicle had no wheel. My condition started to improve in Mesopotamia when its people started using wheels. Discovery of wheel gave me very much importance and attention of people

Road is my common name. Actually I have different names at different places. The most honorable matter for me is that my name is usually relates to Great men like Newton Road, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Einstein Road, Akbar Road , Victoria Road etc. The list is endless .

Poor people, Animal, footpath shops are very close to my heart . As they remain with me otherwise everyone remains in hurry to leave me for their destination. Municipality do not take care me properly, that is why I have to bear abuse and anger of drivers and many people. The people must respect me as I am a senior citizen for them. I was present in the Indus Valley Civilisation. So anybody can easily judge my gravity of importance. In Asia I ( G.T. Road) am the longest and oldest road and named as Sah Rah-e-Azam (UttaraPatha in Sanskrit) . Ser Sah Shoori gave me greatness by making me afresh in 16th century. Gentlemen always praise me and humbly thanks for my trust and service. I don't like to praise myself more.

I have memorable event and story in my memory. It can make you weep, surprise, cry and laugh. Great leaders use me by blocking me to gain name and fame among the people to enhance their chances of getting elected. I had seen many dreadful accidents that is the most black part of my life. Bloodbath of accidents; pushes my heart into grief. I often advise and forbade silently many youngsters to not to loose control for thrill of speed. But they seldom listen to me and they avoid my advice. Actually they don't know the proverb that speed thrills but kills. I always advise them that safe journey can provide them a great cheer and happiness in their lives. I wish their guardian to see them doing blunder on my body, they damage themselves and myself. I feel helpless many times for they never listen to me. At the time of accident, I am the only witness for identifying the fault of the drivers. Alas , I could speak like human being. I could help the human kind to avoid their mistake.

I can not speak but. I had used lot of methods to help everyone. I have many road signs to help people to understand me at each subsequent distance. But throughout their lives they seldom cared about these road signs to understand except few people. I thought , it is not sufficient to teach these sensed people running senselessly on me. I make me so complicated at crossing that system become bound to develop strong traffic signals. At least this method is a complete blessing for the people and for me it is a great satisfaction to protect dying people on me on daily basis.

At last I would like to say that try to understand me. It will be a boon for everyone while travelling. I am very much popular. Designers have developed many program to design me. Programmers have developed many games about me. Speed game is not possible without me. My black colour and side scenes are the best combination for giving a nice touch while developing speed game.

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Jan 4, 2015

Jashn-e-Eide Miladun Nabi 2015 Top Video Taqreer

Naat - Ya Nabi, A touching Video.

Syed Hashmi Miyan Speech Jashn E Eid Milad un Nabi SAW Part 1 of 2

Syed Hashmi Miyan Speech Jashn E Eid Milad un Nabi SAW Part 2 of 2

Milad un Nabi procession (Juloos) from old city of Hyderabad near Charminar

Traditional Eid.ul.Milad.un.Nabi Procession - Thousands of Muslims join in occasion

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Jan 2, 2015

The Morning Scene in a village Essay for Class 9

Morning scene of village is completely unforgettable. Glimps of village morning can make anybody obsessive to eulogise its beauty. The morning scene in a village can refresh anyone. Decency of natural austere may become an outrageous jiffy for city dweller.

The villagers rise early in the morning. They feed their cattle and clean their sheds. They have their deficient breakfast and move out towards their fields and pastures. Young boys and girls smiling and shouting also move out with their cows, goat, calves and buffaloes The elder ones singing and laughing gently walk to their fields with their ploughs and oxen. The soothing rays of the sun beautify the green leaves of trees. Birds chirp from tree to tree.

Women folk throng at the well with their pitchers. Wearing colorful dresses they draw water and come back in batches with their pitchers on their heads. The simplicity, talking and smiling of villagers make village morning more pure and ecstatic. Community are usually seen bathing and talking in the village pond. there is a temple of Lord Krishna, men, women, boys and girls gather here in peace and prayer. The temple bells ring at intervals reminding the time of prayer. Thus the morning scene in a village is overall very much attractive.

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