Aug 14, 2015

Your best Opinion to contribute for making of a Happy and Successful School Essay | With three Pictures and 500 words

School is an institution of learning and knowledge creation for the betterment of people, society and country.

Here student's creativity and innovation are embellished to generate value for the welfare of the society. Therefore success of a nation depends on the happiness and success of schools. Therefore success of a nation depends on the happiness and success of schools.

teacher and students in group.

I think three most important thing to be considered for the success and happiness of the school . These are discussed below.

1. Role of Teaches and staffs in success of the school:

Objective of the schools is to inculcate overall human values in students and to educate them up to the level set by education policy of a country. To achieve this goal I think teachers are the backbone of any school . Recruitment of the teachers must be on the basis of fare competitive examination. And recruitment process is to be made more transparent. I think recruitment of any school is to be conducted online.

It is utmost important to keep teachers motivated by providing them periodic training. Teacher must not be burdened for unproductive job like note copy checking of the whole class etc. The teachers should record their lecture for their own assessment to find their strength and weakness of the lecture . It may be kept personal by the teachers.

They should be encouraged for quality lecture so that student may learn more. The private school teachers must be cared for their proper salary and human related benefits. The government should publish education policy guidelines for private schools, as it is done by other regulatory authority of the country e.g. IRDA, RBI etc. Feedback of the teachers must be accepted positively by the school management. School management must be aware about the grievances of school teachers and staffs. All the staffs and teachers are to be respected by all.

2. Strength and weakness of the school :

Few genius students are not attending schools hundred percent to complete their study at home. By doing this they are performing better. The schools have to do a home work for this regarding its weaknesses. The system of school teaching must not always follow the existing pattern . It should do research work to find betterment in the education system. What worked in the past may not work today because social process has changed dramatically . Why few students are not doing well in their lives after completing their studies is a big concern. What are the reason of disparities and other social problems in the society must be analysed in the school also . It is not the sole work of the government. We are all inclusive for everything of the society. As life starts from the school therefore education policy must be strengthen so that school may have ability to deliver better students.

3. Assessment of the students and Education System and procedures are to be made Computerised:

Student's success is the school's success, this should be a mantra for every staffs of the school. There should be a quality team in a school for proper guidance and advice whether school is running on right track or not. The students must be assessed by computerised software. Individual student's weakness and strength must be known to the quality team of the school.

The students should be encouraged by delivering a lecture periodically (quarterly or bimonthly) about individual performance of the students and teachers with reference of the data of the quality team.

They should be taught advantage of hard work, determination and setting goal so that they could learn to strive for success. Encouragement , motivation and optimism are the most important medicine for the students.

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