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Nov 20, 2015

Essay on Science Teachers For Class 10

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Undoubtedly, teaching science is a valuable career for people with a good aptitude and deep passion for the subject. Many people ponder over the question- how to be a science teacher?

Today, science teaching jobs is not only appealing to college students belonging to a science discipline, but also to the professionals who plan to switch their careers later in life and decide to teach science.

In today’s time, the need for teachers belonging to the STEM that is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields as compared to other fields is consistently growing high all over the world.

This guide will provide you the brief insights into the essential education, job viewpoint and salary of the science teaching profession.

A brief job description of Science teacher - Science teachers not only assist in answering the different type of questions, but also they motivate their students to look for the answers for themselves so that they can explore and know about new things. A science education includes subjects like astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, marine science, and a few other courses based on the physical sciences. By means of several lab experiments, mixed media materials, field trips, and computer research, you’ll have the chance to inspire students to delve into the natural world from which they are surrounded and know about the latest and evolving scientific theories. If you are a high or middle school science teacher, then teaching science may also require organizing various school science fairs and coaching. For college professors, organizing research and writing papers for journal submission are a crucial part of the science teacher job description.

Who makes good science teachers? The science teacher responsibilities are huge. A good science teacher can be someone who is:
• An analytical thinker.
• Patient.
• Interested and well-informed about science.
• Keen to know about teaching and engaging with students.
• Willing to work hard.
• Socially intelligent and culturally skilled.
• Focused to learn new things and staying updated in the field.
• Able to work flexibly and collaboratively with colleagues.
• Resourceful.

Professional development for science teachers: There are many science teachers who keep on taking various courses throughout their teaching careers in order to perfect their classroom skills and also maintain their teaching credentials updated. Usually, the teachers attend workshops, though development can also turn as the form of cohort performance, coaching or research. NSTA, an acronym for “National Science Teachers Association” provides a professional development which is in the form of conferences organized many times every year.

Perks of continuing education: Teachers having a master’s degree usually have a higher chance for jumping up and a hike in salary. Once obtaining the useful qualifications, and certifications, the science teacher salary gets increased remarkably, making your career secured.

Most of the New York science teacher is increasingly attending the different professional development especially meant for science teachers. By attending such programs/courses, they brush up their skills and stay updated to the latest trends and information.

Jobs available to science teachers beyond teaching: Having additional certifications or education, there are several doors opened for science teachers such as they can become school librarians, school counselors, instructional coordinators, an educational administrator, assistant principals, or principal at a college or university.

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