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Dec 25, 2015

Essay on Women Empowerment in India For Class 10

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Empowerment of Women - this is a phrase that each of us can claim of hearing quite often! But do we really understand what it is, especially in the context of our Indian society?

The word ‘empower’ which according to dictionary means ‘giving power or authority to’ or ‘to authorize’ can be well understood in simplest way as creating an environment where one can make independent decisions regarding both personal issues or about family or society at large.

When we talk of empowering women in our Indian society, it draws huge attention towards treating them at par with men so that they also equally participate in the personal, social, economic and political growth of the nation. Over the years, no doubt Indian women have transpired as strongest pillars in nation building and have time and again proved that whenever given a chance they can be the best decision makers for themselves, their family as well as the entire society.

Crime against women in our society is not something that has newly emerged or has become a burning issue. Let us not ignore the fact that it had always existed in some or the other form. But in today’s world due to improved channels of communication and media involvement we are able to get updated about any unfortunate incident in no time. Gender Equality is definitely the first step towards bringing women empowerment in India. But the best way to look at it would be an understanding that neither men nor women alone can build an environment of growth and development as a whole. It’s just that each has to play his or her role in the best possible way and develop a sense of respect for each other. And here comes the importance of upbringing our younger generation in a way that they know right from their childhood that both men and women play equal role in running a family, a society and a nation!

We have to work together to eradicate the male chauvinistic image of India. Understanding and eliminating the main cause of ill practices against women in our society is the need of the hour. Women in India are no more confined within the four walls of their houses doing household chores and looking after their family. They are now aware of their rights to be independent in every sphere of life. Programmes like Millenium Development Goal (MDG), where 3rd MDG is directly related to Empowerment of Women in India, establishment of Ministry of Women & Child Development, Swayamsidha Programme (an integrated scheme for the empowerment of women), National Commission for Women, several upcoming NGOs working on women rights and Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana, are some of the milestones towards gender equality and women empowerment in India.

A woman is a complete cycle within whom the lies the power to create, nurture and transform. This gives us the reason to make all possible efforts to empower women to:
- have equal opportunities for education as they are equally competent and intellectual,
- make independent decisions at home as well as at workplace,
- have equal employment prospects without any gender bias,
- feel safe and comfortable inside and also outside home,
- know about their social and legal rights,
- have economical and financial choices and also
- live with self-respect and dignity.

As quoted by famous French fashion designer Coco Chanel --- “ A girl should be two things : who and what she wants”, let us all understand and implement Women Empowerment in true sense by resolving to wake up to a world that is moving towards harmony and equality.

An empowered woman can be an indispensable asset for the society, let her be the free bird and you will see the change

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