Feb 26, 2016

Essay About Scientist For Class 6

416 Words Essay on Scientist

Physics, Chemistry, Math; some people’s worst nightmare and a beautiful world for others. Career paths are life’s biggest choices and one of the most confusing decisions that haunt most children as well as adults.

We begin very early thinking about a career for our children, in fact too early for them to be able to understand the different choices they have as well as what they truly desire in their heart of hearts. Despite the vast Ocean of opportunities, career choices seem to be strangely limited these days owing to the fact that India as a country is completely in love with two specific professions being Doctor and Engineer. In such a situation, children are extremely confused and sometimes tend to lose interest in serious career building and would prefer to just go with the flow. This is a worrying trend because it results in loss of talent to millions of other industries because most of the potential archaeologists and forensic experts would be graduating as software engineers.

The role of a “scientist” in a broader sense for the world today is too great to fathom. Without scientists we would be way back in time when prayers would be told to keep diseases away and the vast sky above would merely be a huge mystery forever. A keen interest in science at a very early age can pave the way for a tremendous career. Love for physics, chemistry and mathematics is not one sees every day and must not be side-lined. The world of science has more than a few fascinating career choices to offer. Microbiologist, Neuroscientist, Astronaut, Oceanographer, Forensic science technician, Radiologist, Meteorologist, Ecologist, Geologist being a few; all of which require extensive study and true passion.

Parents discourage children from taking up science in college because they fear that going forward as a scientist could be extremely challenging and their child could end up being a mere professor or teacher with an average pay check. Besides, the fancy world of Information Technology and the unbelievable pay scales associated with it lure people into giving up their passion and blindly following the crowd. Parents and teachers need to give up their irrational love for the IT industry and guide students to work towards a more serious and fulfilling career. If your child does exceptionally well at science, encourage him/her to pursue a career in the more respectable professions mentioned above so that our country has more people who contribute towards its prosperity and advancement.

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