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Apr 10, 2016

Essay on 'A True Hero is a Unifying Force in a Diverse Society'

371 Words Essay by : KALYANI

The term true hero is gender and age neutral. A true hero; whether a woman or a man, young or old, is someone who the people see as a role model. It is not mandatory that unity of thought is always positive, even negative thoughts can be brought together by a unifying force and bring upon a bad impact. Such a thought binder cannot be called a true hero.

A few examples of true heroes are sports persons and film stars. They emotionally unify the society and a large number of people follow what they do but the real impact on the people is less as there is no material change in their lives. Also, it is less likely that they benefit the society at large.

On the other hand, some of the people who benefit the society and will have a larger impact on them are social workers. If the people follow the social workers and start being aware of the change that they try to bring about, it will benefit the society in many ways. One such example of a real hero having a deeper social impact is Mother Teresa. She instilled the thought of feeding and providing shelter to the poor and homeless in the minds of thousands of people which continues to save many vulnerable lives even after she is no more.

Political leaders are the ones who have the biggest impact on a diverse society which has people with different cultures, thoughts and values. That is because they are in positions of running a local body or a state or the whole country. If they work fairly, honestly and use their authority responsibly, they can lead the society to a path of peace and prosperity.

Head Girl or Head Boy or even class monitors can also be true heroes for the other students by showcasing the qualities of good leadership, fairness, helpfulness and trustworthiness. As young minds are very impressionable, other students can take those qualities as examples and work towards being true heroes themselves.

Thus, on our part, we young students too can bring together different thoughts and ideas and set example for others to do the same and have a positive impact on our society.

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