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Apr 1, 2016

Essay on Educated Unemployment is a Curse Brutal than Poverty | For Class 9

Over-education is as much recessive as overproduction at the time of less demand. Educated youth unemployment is the result of this over-education in the society of diminishing opportunities. Its increment is not only becoming curse in our society but is felt brutal than poverty. As educated youths are not able to downgrade themselves to a level of labourer. Education For All”, a policy that is lighting the lamp of education in every corner of the country, however because of increasing literacy rate, limited resources and job opportunities, these lamps are burning the life of youths. They’ve invested lakhs of rupees to get a college degree but these investments are not paying off as it is not sufficient to give them an “Employed” Tag and a desired job to feed their stomach.

“An educated mind with an empty stomach and ample of time doing nothing but cursing the system, is more harmful for an individual or the society than any other problem.”

India is a country having 1.21 billion population and 66% of this population are under the age of 35 (Census 2011). Due to the increased education level in the recent years, the modern youth is well-educated and possess a good degree like B.Tech, B.E., MBA, MBBS, Ph.D. etc. Hence, a major workforce of our country is seeking for a well-paid job in their respective fields. But due to limited access to skill based education and drop in the financial market; it’s hard for them to get a desired job and this entire scenario creates “Educated Unemployment”.

On the other hand, poverty is the stage of not having enough resources to get their basic needs done and hence, education is an uphill task for such people. And to fulfill their needs they also need to work, get a job. These job seekers are referred as “Illiterate Labour workforce”.

According to the reports by NSSO (National Sample Survey Organization), “illiterate population has the lowest unemployment rate because this segment of the society is ready to do low paying jobs”.

Hence poverty is not that much bigger problem than the educated unemployment. The problem arises when a degree holder is not getting a skilled job due to not being skilled during their degree course. Due to this problem India lacks in skilled labour.

According to a survey,“90% of the educated youth is unemployable due to lack of skills i.e. 60% due to lack of communication skills, 25% due to lack of analytical skills, 5% due to lack of knowledge in their respective field”.

Main causes of Educated Unemployment:
1. Weak Economic Conditions
2. Shortage of Skilled Manpower
3. Technology Inclusion
4. Uncontrolled Population Growth
5. Inflation
6. Recession
7. Low wages
8. Less jobs or less new jobs creation etc.
Effects of Educated Unemployment:
“One year of unemployment reduces the life expectancy by five years”, states a report.

Frustration, anxiety, stress, depression are the common behaviors of an educated unemployed. They are filled up with the rage against the society that has made them develop low self-esteem and fell like they are not among the productive members of the society. To take revenge against the system they indulge in wrong ways of earning money like robbery, chain snatching, rapes, violence, kidnapping, and murders etc. Studies tell that due to the higher rates of educated employment crime rates are drastically increasing day by day. Terrorism, drug trafficking, anti-social groups are the other hazardous outcomes of educated unemployment.

According to the BOCSAR (New Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research), 2012, “Unemployment causes higher property and violent crime rates”.

To deal with the stress they are using alcohol, drugs etc. as their friend. And when the stress level increases much, they like to commit suicide.

According to a national level survey conducted by Registrar General of India, 2010, “40% of suicide deaths in men (45100 of 114800) and 56% of suicide deaths in women (40500 of 72100) occurred at ages 15-29 years”. This clearly tells that educated unemployment is curse for the society.

Conclusion: In the developed countries like US with the increase in unemployment rates, poverty is also increasing. When recession hit the US in 2008, it has been observed that the poverty levels significantly increased to an astonishing 15.7%. Hence unemployment is the major cause of poverty in such developed economies.

On the other hand, in developing countries like India, due to high unemployment rates and unskilled workforce, educated youths are rushing to get an unskilled labour class jobs. Hence, the poor and unskilled workforce is left with no work. This is bringing high income inequality and disparity that is leading to nothing but poverty. Considering all the facts and figures, saying“Educated Unemployment is a Curse Brutal than Poverty”might not be hyperbolic after all.

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