May 6, 2016

Essay on Positive Thinking Versus Negative Thinking For Class 9

We the human beings make error and mistakes and We usually fall in trouble because of our thinking may be it positive or negative.

It depends on our ability and how we manage the situation and our state of mind. That means whether we are thinking positively or negatively to overcome the barrier, hurdles etc.

Someone behaves in offensive mode and overcome the problems in a very short period of time. Whereas few people remain in negative state and have fear of negative outcome of their effort. The people; who overcome the problems; are very positive or we can say dominating people in that field.

Essay on Positive Thinking Versus Negative Thinking For Class 9

Whereas negative minded people are very shaky and fearful. These are 50-50 way thinker; who have no plan, and execution ability. Also they have less knowledge and technique. They quit the races of life far ahead. They don't have an idea of catching fish in water rather than they used to struggle mentally by sitting on seashore.

Positive approach is something like doing something to achieve at the end and have the patience and focus for finishing the job. In positive approach we remain alert, committed to enhance the execution rate to reach up to the goal as soon as possible. In a sentence we can say in a positive action , something useful certainly can be done at the end. It may not be hundred percent but it will be a respectable achievement with respect to the involved effort.

Whereas in a negative approach, we say oof it is very hard, tough. It is impossible. Or we also divert other people's mind by saying a story of the past's failure. We not only say the story of failure, but also inject fear of accidents, monitory losses etc. Our mind remain stuck with negativity and think that it is not possible for us. We make our approach towards negative way to remain restful.

Let us find out what does negative thinking approach mean in our daily life. In short we can say negative approach has the perception of "not possible" or "cannot be improved" or "cannot be done" etc. It is the most important to know the potential and ability of ourselves. Everytime negative way of working is not bad. Sometime negative option gives the proper direction for achieving the goal in more efficient way.

Our parent teacher and other elders always advise us for thinking positively. But often in our life there are few incidents where we are positive and sometimes we engulfed in our negative thoughts. According to situation we need to take our decision to achieve the target. It is the only most important way of thinking to score in our life.

I would like to describe an incident of my life . Every student remains average in one subject and may be good or better in other subjects. My weak subject was Arthmathic but my father guided me to improve in it by telling me stories of possibilities of improving in that subject . He told me for thinking positively and assured that I can also excel in that subject. I worked hard. In this process my father helped me alot.

I want to give my message that our life faces ups and down , good and bad etc . We need to develop our knowledge and potential to overcome the hard time and learn more at our good time .

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