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Jun 24, 2016

Essay on Co-education For Class 10

This essay on co-education can also made simple for lower classes

In today’s competitive and fast paced world, there is a growing need for us to build interactions and strengthen connections. These interactions and connections will boost our professional careers to unimaginable heights, but the most important aspect of these is that these connections are not gender biased.

Co-education is the education of both the sexes together. An educational institution which offers such co-education prepares the students both mentally and physically for real world scenarios, equipping them to handle all sorts of cases irrespective of gender.

Multiple studies have established the fact that men tend to think logically and women tend to think emotionally. Studies have also discovered that men often talk solutions amongst themselves, while women just want to vent out to a lending ear, often knowing the solutions within themselves. The crucial knowledge that the two sexes are so radically different, and yet fit seamlessly together in the world, is acquired and understood only through a system that is in itself without any gender-bias whatsoever. Coeducation presents the students with these possibilities, making them appreciate and understand the differences in behaviour, or alternatively the similarities in behaviour with the opposite sex. Confidence levels are highly increased in these students and comfort levels are drastically different from those of their counterparts from single sex educational institutions.

On the other hand, a single sex educational institution deprives the student of opportunities to interact with the opposite sex in a normal manner - it creates a subconscious divide in the minds of students. Such students then tend to make a big fuss out of even the smallest of interactions with the opposite sex. The relationships formed by them are not very healthy and often exaggerated because they simply have not learned how to behave with/around the opposite sex! A student who has studied in a same sex school right from nursery up until graduation, when faced with the opportunity to talk in front of a mixed audience, might be rendered speechless, because of an unnecessary fear of the unknown. Many critics argue that a single sex education instills ‘values’ and captivates the ‘innocence of students and hence it is better than co-education. In reality though, these‘values’ are not valuable when a student cannot even carry out a healthy conversation with the opposite sex. These critics also argue that the ‘morality’ of students is at stake when the genders are mixed. The truth herein lies in the fact that morality cannot and should not be determined by the amount and/or nature of interactions with those of the other gender. Such critics should see the statistics that glaringly point out the fact that ultimately, with co-education, every possible psychological parameter is improved. The individual gets a holistic education which focuses not just on academics, but also on social ad interpersonal growth. Co-Education is therefore unmistakably better than single sex education and it should be implemented in all schools as soon as possible.

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