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Jul 29, 2016

Essay on Journey to Shimla For Class 5

"Shimla is a gift packed in snow and beauty" Himachal Pradesh has a green allure hidden in its bosom and I think that each and every individual should absorb this place with wholeheartedness. If you have visited Shimla, you probably might still remember it's magical environment and dimly weather.

But if you have not yet visited this majestic place, let me tell you, it is worth the trip! As you go high up, on the mountains, you can see why this beauty lies on the top, apart from everything else, but still, and magnificent in its place. As you go by the roads, it is noticed that each and every house has it's own little garden of beauty. The beautiful cottages and old houses will make you want to live in it for the rest of your life.

"Swirly roads will make your eyes roll, but don't forget to enjoy the steamy momos, Pretty is your face and so is the nature's gate, so make the most of the snowy place, Sun is all cozy in the wintery blanket, don't forget to wear your wooly jacket, In Rohtang pass you will have a snowy fight and pictures to take in the kashmiri costume design, Early morning will be a lovely scenario and shopping in the mall road will be every girls dream fascio."

Kufri is another place in shimla where you can have a lovely time by making snowman's with your family and riding on the yaks to go to the higher tops. The taste of lip smacking maggie and Aloo ka Paratha is something which you will remember forever. You gotta visit the mini switzerland of shimla which contains a vast garden of sanctuary and greenery. You can probably enjoy quality time with your family, enjoy horse riding, hire a photographer to take some amazing photographs and munch on the little snacks. There are many temples, hiking points, zoos and parks which will make you totally drenched in the green environment. Every monday will seem like a sunday and you will never forget the hotel ambience.

Every family takes a vacation because they are drenched in the mundane and monotonous schedule of their lives, but when you visit this benevolent place, you will be enchanted by its serenity and you will be in serendipity.

Next time when any of your friends or family plan to take a vacation, do tell them about this place and they will be totally awed by just listening to it.

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