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Essay on My Aim in Life to Become a Pilot

This essay on aim of becoming a pilot will reflect the born feeling in the mind of a child when he starts visualising own future. Dreaming and pursuing aim of life is a big subject for a student. Therefore this essay is an addition to many essay available on this site for aim of life. Give your comments below. Wright brothers invented the Aeroplane and since then everyone has dreamed of flying. To fly high like the bird and reach the horizon. I first saw an Aeroplane flying when I was a young lad and then immediately I asked my mother everything about it. My mother showed me the book of aviation history and I grew fascinated with it. Stories about Amelia Earhart inspired me and then I took the biggest decision of my life i.e. to become a pilot. I would speak to myself about how amazing it would be to fly that iron bird in the sky, to fly and reach the sky and to travel the world. I wanted to become a pilot because it made me feel adventurous. Spending all my childhood listening t…

Essay on Autobiography of a Bird For Grade 5

Delicately coming out of my egg shell, I came into this world. My parents were my biggest strength because they taught me everything well and how. Crawling out slowly, I saw sun rays bright and shining with the dancing trees . My parents told me that this is the world and to it, I belong. They fed me daily and made me comfortable in the prettiest of the nests and when night wore its darkest coat, they warmed me with their softest feathers. They taught me daily of the world's affairs and how life and world sustained in a large vessel. The most exciting day of my life was when I learned how to fly because every bird's strength is having a perfect flight. I couldn't fly perfectly but through daily practice, I perfected my flight. Daily I learned about myself and also the world around me. The saddest day of my life was when I had to leave home, in order to find myself. I left home and flew to the world which beheld abundancy. It was a bright new day when I was alone, in…

Primary Concerns Before Vacation for Student Essay

Primary Concerns Before Vacation for Students. After months of studying and gazing at the Blackboard, the only time each and every student dreams of is, vacation time. This is the only time when there are no lengthy assignments or tough examinations. Living a life on holiday is what this little time of vacation is all about. But, there are some primary concerns for them before this happy time. 1) Holiday assignments
A little glitch to enjoying a vacation is to complete those lethargic assignments because everyone hates doing a school/college work on a sunny vacation. But when you complete it, your vacation will be a piece of cake. 2) Planning a vacation
Every student in his life wants to plan a vacation with his friends. You might have wanted to surf on the beaches of Goa or splurge money on the mall roads in Delhi. But the actual task comes in planning it all i.e from booking hotel rooms to planning the entire vacation, everything seems easy until you start doing it. But w…

Team Work Wins the Game Essay

'Teamwork.. An eight letter word which can change a whole situation, good or bad.. Once there was a group of kids who was going to play a cricket match. Everyone had to bring the things used in a professional match and everyone did the same. Now when everyone got something or the other, it created a dilemma about the team member's selection and they started discussing the same and soon that discussion turned into an argument as one or the other wanted to be a captain and select their team members... They fought and fought but couldn't get any positive results and they decided to play the game anyways they wanted, which was a mess of course! That was a negative way of handling a team which that being a team was not one. Meanwhile they were playing their 'so called game' they heard a woman giving her child their example as a bad team which didn't even know how to behave as a team. Now when they heard that , they realized their mistake and one of the team play…