Nov 25, 2016

Essay on 'My View About the Internet'

The difference in views does not mean imposing our opinions on others. However, there must be a proof in order to convince the others and it would be a good idea to hear the opinions of those who are around us and  to do the things that  are going on properly . We often hear this question, what is your opinion on the Internet? What are the internet pros and cons of online (benefits and detriments)?Theses questions are often said and have been  answered that the Internet is a fun and nuisances. For me, it's  a cultural, scientific and  social media.

Essay on My view about the Internet

The guidance here plays an important role to get  real benefits of this technical development . But the internet  has its pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, like any accomplishment of the achievements of the industrial age. As much as the internet promises us of the hopes and opportunities , it is risky. Today the Internet invades the community and it will be dangerous if we  do not use this medium positively.

The damage and the benefit of the Internet depend on the users who use it . Everyone likes to read and develop his talent and education . As for what happens from those who are mean-spirited  like some insects that do not like to live if they leave dirty places. This is my comment on them and they deserve this designation. The Internet  is considered as a sea of Science and different cultures .It is also considered as a great university. Can we take advantage of this university  for the best use?

272 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

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