Nov 11, 2016

Essay on Trouble is the most Common Denominator of Life

" Trouble is everywhere but the solution is how you look towards it" We always tend to think that trouble is that huge wall which is unbreakable and which is an obstacle to our achievement. The notion or statement "Trouble is the most common denominator of life" could only be understood by a person who has actually faced troubles and problems in his/her life or else this notion will not be accepted by him/her.

Trouble can be seen in two ways, either you see it as something which is going to stop you or something which is going to help you move forward towards your goals. When you see trouble as the most annoying thing in the world, you will make things more complicated but when you see trouble as an opportunity, you will never be afraid of it. Trouble can also be tricky in some ways, it can come in disguise, so we need to look forward and solve it.

Essay on  Trouble is the most Common Denominator of Life

We usually tend to fear trouble as it has the aspect to slow us down but we should always try to see it from a brighter and positive perspective.

Trouble should be taken as a common denominator, it should be solved bravely and fearlessly but not cowardly. It is by facing trouble that we become a wiser and better person. Achieving success without pain and clutter will not make you truly successful because it is only through suffering that we actually understand and gain value and importance and in turn become a person who has achieved success inwardly and outwardly.

Life as we know it has mixtures of black and white, positivity and negativity and to say it more precisely, it is yin yang. Peace cannot exist without trouble, it is very important to face trouble in order to attain peace. Life is a very big bundle of everything and trouble is just a small little portion which has come in your life to teach you, to guide you, to show you a path which exists on a greater height. People shouldn't take a problem to be a very serious matter, until and unless it is actually is, they should not make the problem revolve around their life, instead, they should just make the problem a common conduct.

Our problems usually revolve around materialistic pursuits or something which is highly unimportant and also the problems which we create by our own selves, it should be taken into account that these problems are highly redundant and they should be eliminated rather than solved.

Thus the conclusion over here is that "Opportunities, chances come in varied forms, it depends on us that how we choose to identify it, a chance which will change your life might come in the disguise of a problem or a trouble. If we choose to solve it, it might be the best thing that ever happened to us. So what's the wait? Take that trouble and make it into an opportunity.

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