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Dec 9, 2016

Essay on 'Significance of independence in my life'

Independence is something which everyone wants, which everyone needs and which everyone will fight for. Independence in my life is of utmost importance because without independence we are just surviving and not living life to our fullest.

The greatest example is of Independence which India fought for its country because as a whole a country cannot survive without being independent, then how can we? India has fought for its country through blood and sweat, through traumatic experiences and also, the memories are still remnant in the hearts of every individual who has seen independence. But we greatly celebrate the Independence day because we are happy that we are no longer crumbled and exploited in the hands of the colonisers. So I take inspiration from the past events .

Significance of independence in my life

Life is lived only once and the important part of life is having independence, i.e. living on your own terms and having a free spirited life. It is the most prized possession in any person's life because having a prison-like life will make a person lost.

A person will grow and find his true qualities only when he/she is given a chance to be independent and is also given his/her own space. There are many people in this world who are not given the chance to be independent, it is either because they are socially deprived or because of their inner mental inability.

Significance in my life of independence is like a bird in a cage, which is supposed to be free. The cage might be the outward forces or the inner one but realising your own values is important.

The importance of independence is not only in my life but also in the lives of others. Many sociological aspects can be said about this because there are many people in this world who are deprived of their freedom. The children are exploited through child labour and child marriage because they don't know the importance of freedom in their life, they don't know that having freedom in their life is their birthright.

Many women are also not given freedom to live on their own terms, they should know that life itself is freedom. Having freedom will make you alive, it will not let you be monotonous or unhappy. It should be us, who should free ourselves from the mental cage, from the imaginary prison and once we remove that, we will be in utmost serenity and glory.

The conclusion over here could be said that it has been said in many poems and prose, it has been indirectly hinted to us that fighting for our freedom is not rebellion but it is a right, it is a normal aspect which each and everyone should be made aware of and when we'll know the importance of it, we will develop from within, we will know what is right or wrong, we will strive, we will achieve and like the Independence day, we will also celebrate our own freedom.

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