Feb 24, 2021

500 Words Essay on My Favourite Book Quran For Class 5

Books are undoubtedly one of the best friends. They are the source of energetic thought. They bring out of the world feeling in us.

The Quran:

Of all the books I have read, I like the Quran the most. It is a holy book of Muslims, but it is a guide for the whole of humanity. Muslim means the person who believes in the final revelation i.e. Quran of ALLAH S.W.T. (SUBHAN-WA-TALA) and believes in the final messenger Prophet Mohammad Sallalaho Wa Alehi Wasallam. We add Sallalaho Wa Alehi Wasallam whenever we Muslim name our beloved prophet because Allah SWT has commanded in Quran (INNALLAHA WA MALAIKATAHU YUSALLOUNA ALANNABI, YA AIYOHALLIJANA AAMANU WA SALLIMU TASLIMA) to send DOROOD on our prophet. Sallalaho Wa Alehi Wasallam is a very short form of DAROOD.

Inside Fact:

It is the most readable book of the world at all time. It is the only book which is completely memorized by millions of Muslim person called (Hafiz).

Quran with scenery

The book manifests the five main pillars of following Islam; which is Tauheed, Namaj, Roja, Jakat, Haj. It is the book that is revealed via the most important Angel (Gibreel Alehisslam) through the mouth of Prophet Mohammad Sallalaho Wa Alehi Wasallam. It tells that Almighty have sent many prophets; one lakh twenty four thousands approximately. Out of them first prophet was Adam Alehi Assalam and the last one was Prophet Mohammad. It also confirms that no more messenger will come on the earth again. It also tells that Isha alehi Assalam (Peace Be Upon Him) was raised live from this world by almighty Allah SWT.

One of the most Valuable Teaching:

Out of numerous teachings. I noticed one teaching most valuable. Which is here.
It says the most powerful thing on this earth is: Give others with the left hand so that right hand couldn't know it. That means helping others without telling anybody is very tough. it is a more powerful thing than the power of water, fire, and wind.

Fact of Afterlife:

It advocates for the ever and endless life after death. This life is as short compared to life after death that it can be compared with the blinking of the eye. There is not a single stone unturned in Quran about the guidelines of life. That means it is a complete manual. You can raise any question in your mind and try to find its answer in Quran, I am sure you will find it certainly. If anyone is not able to find it, approach the experts of the Quran in Masjid. It is a complete manual for whole humanity in regards to justice, honesty, truthfulness, piety, equality, freedom, devotion, etc. I apologize to Allah for any mistake in this essay.

A Short Note:

This is a short piece of information about the Quran. In another article, I will prepare a list of the most important queries arising in human beings. More point will be added in this article.

Please comments and give your feedback, whether I have explained it correctly. If it needs any improvement then write below.

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