Dec 1, 2017

Essay on A time that you took a stand for someone or for an issue that you care about

Childhood is that time in your life when everything is perfect. In a human's circle of life, childhood is a stage of innocence.

  A passage of time when nothing can go wrong. But that might not be the entire truth. Childhood is susceptible to multiple fragmented moments which can ruin a man's entire life. One such case is being bullied. Bullying links to the development of anxiety, depression and psychological disorder and affects adulthood in a tremendous way. 

Any child can be a bully and any child can be a victim of it. The main chunk, in this case, is to make the children aware of what is right and wrong because in this age of innocence they can be moulded into a good or bad being, which affects their lives in an extreme way. Taking a stand against bullying can change a person's life in a personal and professional way. So I took a stand against bullying.

Essay on A time that you took a stand for someone or for an issue that you care about

One day, I saw a child being bullied and then decided to create an awareness regarding bullying. I stepped down to many schools with my team and held seminars and workshops on how to deal with bullying and how to stop it. Many students came out with their own personal experiences of bullying. 

Therapy and counselling sessions were held and parents were also given a thorough counselling regarding the severity and causes of bullying.

 Conducting a seldom seminar will not stop this issue, so weekly workshops and counselings were held which gave children hope. A minute detail in a child's life matters a lot and we as a responsible citizen should be mindful of creating a safe environment for our children. 

Be aware, be safe.

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