Dec 15, 2017

Essay on Badminton I Like the Most

Badminton is an exceptional outdoor game because it really vitalizes our spirits and can also be a form of good exercise.

I like playing badminton because it is a pair game. There are two rackets and a shuttlecock involved in the game. The two opponents in the game need to toss the shuttlecock with the rackets. There may or may not be a net in between the two opponents.

Essay on Badminton I Like the Most

The outdoor game is not only a good exercise, but it also builds up a strong social connection. People mostly play badminton while they are on a family picnic or on a visit to a farmhouse which adds up to the fun of the family vacation.

It is mostly played in schools, colleges and many national and international badminton competitions are held. It is not only counted as an outdoor sports games but it can also be turned into a well sought out profession.

Many memories are built while playing badminton and I have created many memories through badminton because it was taught by my father. There is an emotional connect with the game because there are so many memories attached to it. I liked playing badminton since childhood and it has been my favourite sports game ever since. I had played a lot of collegiate and inter-collegiate competitions and have won many prizes for badminton. This game has made me grow as a person and has also made me try out other outdoor games.

I was appreciated a lot by my family and teachers because badminton has been a pivotal point in my career and has made me the person I am today. Because of my peers and family, I could make this exceptional sport into a profession which will stay with me forever.

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