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Dec 29, 2017

Essay on "Should Woman work?"

Over the centuries, we have witnessed a new thinking where men and women stood equal shoulder to shoulder.

But since time immemorial, we have seen that man and woman have equal roles but in different genres.Women have the role of taking care of the house and men have the role of earning the bread. Each role is important in its own way.

Essay on Should Woman work?

Females are the only beings who witness the miracle of God, i.e., to give birth and that miracle in itself is greater than work.

Through the above statement, it can be justified that nothing is above than creating a place which can be called home. There have been many incidents and instances where earning bread was not a problem but making a place called home which is filled with laughter and joy was missing.Women's pious and perfect role is in igniting the fire of the hearth so that all the family members can come around and enjoy the family time.

Her role, which was already written in the ancient books, if firm and determined because it takes a lot of hard work, more than earning bread, to fill up a house with laughter.

No doubt, women are left to her own choice as to what she wants to do but societies negative ideologies about creating differences is something to think about.

Women are the reason for the existence of our future generation. The notion of the thought "Why women should not work" is under the belief that women are already doing work which is greater above all, i.e., to create a home filled with warmth and love and also creating life.

As far as money is concerned, living on the bread earned by the spouse is not called dependency but a pure exchange where the man brings the bread and the women makes the hearth.The societal pressure and the societies way of thinking in a negative notion have brainwashed us which is not uncommon. The maturity lies in knowing our own worth and understanding why the roles were divided centuries ago.

This free-spirited thought should be taken into account because women should know their own value and their own work and should not let other's idea of 'work' fall in their way.

Many families around the world break apart because similar roles are overwhelmingly influencing their lives which is not right. A balance should be maintained where women who are sensitive, can handle the children lovingly and she is also strong because she takes matters of the house in her own hands, whereas the man earns bread and takes care of other responsibilities


Thus, being keen and mindful of ourselves brings more joy than doing something which does not genuinely make us happy. This thought without limits is something which should be thought and pondered upon so that there is an equilibrium in the society, family and also within ourselves. Rather than being judgemental, it should be taken with positivity.

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